The Way We Think About Work Is Broken

The Way We Think About Work Is Broken





Why do we work?

The society is full of people who work in large enterprises and run successful businesses, and yet they don’t understand why they are leaving their precious bed and go to work. The Schwartz talks are very helpful since it answers the question that many could not understand (Schwartz, 2015). It is ethical to comprehend why we wake up very early and go to work despite the thriving weather and other conditions. Schwartz argues that most people go work due to the existence of the perishing resources such as money and titles.  Ideally, I agree with him when he says that the idea of the world’s greatest and founder of the industrial revolution said that people could only work if there is something they are given in return and that is what’s drives the economy today. This is what is taking place where people’s primary objective is to get money to pay their bills.

However, I want to disagree with his idea on the issue of ideological technology that people should adopt to change or perhaps improve their personal ability of performance. I want to say that performance of each depends on the mindset and what he or she is thinking. Maybe, am not seeing any relationship between the technological ideas and the performance motivation. The society today is made up of people who are self-driven or motivated to perform any task that comes in their hands and not to come up with ideas. Perhaps, there are individuals in the society whose role is to make sure that the community is full of innovation techniques. However, the idea is very clear, and people should work for something that is more than just getting money (Schwartz, 2015).


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