The causes Of Environmental Problems

The causes Of Environmental Problems

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The earth where we are living in has been facing a lot of environmental problems.  These environmental issues include the global warming, the acid rain, the air pollution, the waste disposal, water pollution, and perhaps the climate change. The problems are caused by some activities that people do whether for their benefit or other reasons. Perhaps, through these environmental challenges, many people have shown concern to find out the sources of the problems to assist the mother earth from the underlying issues mentioned above to avoid depletion of the environment. The environmentalists managed to find out that the enemy of the environment is the man who performs activities like cutting down of trees leading to climate change over time. The man in the society has been at the forefront through the activities to cause all the problems the environment has been facing over time in memorial (Bulte & de Zeeuw, 2005).

Industrial effluents

People have developed and grown significantly as they change from the agrarian revolution to industrial revolution. This medium led to the up-coming of several industries that man has been using to produce their products and convert the raw materials into some valuable finished goods through some means that is easy and efficient. The industries use the chemicals to run the machines which in turns releases some harmful gasses through the chimneys. The gasses released to the environment like the sulfur and nitrogen oxides. These gasses, when released to the environment, become a problem and causes air pollution. These gasses that are sulfur and nitrogen when released to the environment is taken up by the warm heated air from the earth and moves to the atmosphere which then goes through some rain forming processes through condensation thereby leading to some acid rain when its falls as rain (Bulte & de Zeeuw,2005). The mixture of the air with the industrial gasses automatically leads to the acid rain which is one of the environmental problems.

The industries that are used for production purposes do have some waste products to release. Because every process that involves some intake must possibly have some output which comprises of the waste products and the useful materials? The materials that are useful are taken and packed in various forms while the waste products are released into the environment carelessly. The waste materials in some form known as industrial effluents are released through the tunnels which then are deposited into the rivers perhaps if they are in the liquid form. These then causes some environmental imbalance to the water bodies hence making them unsafe for domestic use. The solid waste is deposited on the earth which accumulates to some huge mountains of waste products. This causes some problems to the ground, especially to the micro-organisms. In addition to these, the waste products decompose and then release some gasses that are harmful to the environment such as air pollution. These huge mountains have continued to grow thereby making the environment dirty and untidy. The improper disposal of these wastes leads to environmental contamination.

Vehicles and other machines

The people thought about developing machines like the vehicles to make work comfortable and luxurious. However, they did not think about the environment, and perhaps this makes the man more selfish and unwise (Akcil & Koldas, 2006). The coming of vehicles to the society brought some environmental problems such as the noise pollution caused by some hooting vehicles.  Most cars use petrol, diesel and some coal which emits smoke as the waste products to the air. The increase of vehicles emitting the black smoke to the environments is very dangerous. The dark smoke mixes with the air we breathe and thus health problems. In addition to these, the smoke may perhaps mix with the air which is taken in the atmosphere which then causes the acid rain that we have experienced in the society today. The number of vehicles has grown significantly in the developed countries like the United States of America, China, and United Kingdom and therefore increased level air pollution in these nation and therefore breathing problems.

Increasing population

Due to the increasing population of the people especially in the developing countries, the people have opted to expand the lands and to get more food. These have leads to the increase in population the demand for food, clothing, and shelter (Mitchell & Popham, 2008). For the people to meets the pressing demands of these things, the world has experienced massive acts of deforestation that have affected the environment. The lack of rain and drought in the society has led to some environmental problems experienced in the society. The level of deforestation has been noticed in the most parts of the countries in Africa.  The deserts that we see today has been caused by the cutting down of trees. The people wanted to clear the forest to get some land to till for food and build the house. Some people, especially in Africa, do cut trees to some reasons to burn charcoal which is then used as fuel for cooking.

These methods decrease the number of trees that are responsible for cleaning the environment. The trees just like any other vegetation take in carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that might accumulate to some levels that might lead to pollution. The trees also act like windbreakers thereby protecting the soil from being eroded by the blowing winds. Deforestation has robbed us of these trees hence leaving the soil barren as the top fertile soil is blown away by the wind.

Farm Effluents

The advancement and development of agriculture in the current society has led to increasing the production yields compared to the early farming (Akcil & Koldas, 2006). To enhance the production of the agricultural products such as flowers, tea, sugarcane and others the people especially the agriculturalists choose to use some fertilizers and pesticides. These materials were mainly used to boost the yield that was low at that time and also to control the infestation of pests that was destroying the products. The pesticides used in the firms are harmful when washed down by the rains. The pesticides and fertilizers chemicals materials are removed to the rivers through surface runoff. These materials are having resulted to the impurity of the waters that are used for domestic purposes.

 The rivers and water bodies in the United States of America have been polluted by the chemical effluents that come from the sugarcane firms in the U.S. The developing countries like the African nations, have engaged in the use of fertilizers to increase the productivity of the barren lands in order to get some good yields to curb the families and population that has been growing. The desire and responsibility to fed the growing family and the advancement of technology and research left the people with no option but to use the fertilizers and pesticides.


Most of the developing countries globally have made mining to be the major economic activity. The youths in the society have indulged in this activity with the support of the government not knowing or thinking about the outcome. Mining creates a lot of pollution especially the air by releasing the articulate matter which is under the respiratory particulate matter (Kelly & Symon, 2012). The dust particles pollute the environment as the miner’s breath the dust enters the respiratory systems. Apart from this, mining has left the soil barren with some since the mined areas cannot support farming again or even used for building. Additionally, since mining involves extraction of minerals from the ground, the vegetation that once existed has been cleared to pave the way for the mining process to take place.

 The excavated materials are then dumped carelessly leaving a series of big and large sinkholes and hips debris all over the area, hence removing the beauty of the land before the process takes place. In some areas, the mining process involves the use of various technical and big machines for excavation, and this device uses the fuels like the petrol and other energy materials. These then leads to an increasing release of waste gasses and smoke to the environment which interns lead to pollution. Moreover, the chemicals excavated from the mining sites sometimes to spill over and may end up in the rivers or the nearby water bodies hence causing some contamination.

Burning of fossil

The burning of the fossil fuels such as of woods to provide fire for cooking, coal to generate electricity and perhaps burning oils to drive the motor engines of vehicles and aircraft (Turner & Reenberg,2007). The burning process involves the conversion of some state from perhaps liquid to gasses which are then released into the atmosphere. When coal is burnt it releases some gasses in the form of waste and has polluted the air. The combustion process was taking place in all the engines systems results to the conversion of gasoline liquid to a dangerous combination of air in the form of carbon dioxide and nitrogen gasses.

These harmful gasses are then released into the air through the exhaust system which then combines with the natural air thereby causing air pollution. The toxic gasses can thus mix freely with the evaporating warm air hence leading to some acid rain. Sometimes the air emitted such as carbon monoxide accumulation in the atmosphere to some significant levels thereby resulting in some global environment such global warming. The depletion of the ozone layer that we have heard consistently comes as a result of these gasses emitted through the burning process.


The earth that we are leaving in today has faced a lot of problems especially the natural vegetation. Men especially the scientists have tried their best to improve the standards of living with the aim of helping the society. However, all the activities those people perform or do have one way or another resulted in the problems that we have been facing today (Turner, & Reenberg, 2007). The improvement of the industrial process has enacted to the current challenges that the society have faced such as health problems as a result of the gasses released to the air affecting the respiratory systems of people. The people should be very conservative by developing methods that are environmentally friendly.


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