Managing the new ways of working

MGTU9S3 Autumn 2018

Seminar 6: Managing the new ways of working





Some organizations are still relying on working practices from industrial age in the new working world. Today, the working world has undergone various changes. For organizations to remain competitive, they must put these changes into consideration. For effective management, Erickson Living has to consider and address some changes in the working world. This essay identifies three changes. These are adopting smart working, changing the hierarchical structure, and creating learning opportunities for the employees. Technological advancement and higher demand for the services are the opportunities that will be prioritised for the organization to remain competitive in the changing market. 

The first consideration is changing fixed working to smart working. The younger workforce is talented and skilled. However, just as they are used to making their own life choices, they expect to have flexible working. Therefore, in Erickson Living, the fixed working approach will have to be changed to smart working which is more flexible. To prevent the key talents from moving to other jobs seeking improvement of work-life balance, we shall introduce working that values personal life as well as career advancement.

The second consideration is changing the organizational structure. The hierarchical structure is no longer effective. With this approach managers hoard knowledge instead of sharing it. Instructions are given from top leadership and those at the bottom are expected to follow. However, with the digital generation, it is becoming challenging for those at the bottom to follow instructions. The population is unprepared to just follow the instructions. Instead, they ask questions and are often not satisfied with the answers. For effective management, the approach will have to change to an approach that involves every person in decision making.

Third, the new working world is characterized by people who believe in growth and development. The younger generation is constantly keen and curious to learn and advance their knowledge and skills. Therefore, new approaches should be developed that will enable the workforce to gain more knowledge and skills. This will make them remain more relevant and feel that they are developing.

Two opportunities will be prioritised in the organization. First is taking advantage of technological advancement. This involves equipping the facility with programs that will enhance the lives of the seniors. Prioritising this opportunity will prove that the organization seeks to maintain an independent lifestyle for every senior. Second, we will take advantage of the demand as the population continues to age faster by expanding the facility. Prioritising the opportunity is important because it faces a lower market risk.

In conclusion, it is clear that managers have to embrace changes in the working world for effective management. As a manager in Erickson Living, three changes will be considered and addressed. These are introducing smart working which is more flexible, changing hierarchical structure by introducing collaborative working, and creating learning opportunities for the current working force. Taking advantage of the technological advances in enhancing organizational operations and of the higher demand will enable the organization to remain competitive.