Relationships between ethics and feelings

Discussion: Relationships between ethics and feelings

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Case one readings review

In the book “Ethics at work,” Daniel investigates Lockheed Martin’s ethical concerns. To begin with, the defense industry has the broadest and most sustained series of ethics programs of the American business. Lockheed Martin, which majors on high technology products and services for the US government, has improved its formal ethics and business conduct program since its inception (Terris, 2005). Daniel spent about two years investigating Lockheed Martin’s materials while interrogating its ethics officials and ordinary staff. The study starts with a survey of American attitudes towards ethics in business, raising the question of whether ethics can be established genuinely in a modern corporation.

Daniel lauds Lockheed Martin’s ethic initiatives as democratic based on their responsibility for every staff for the ethical framework of his or her actions. However, Daniel believes that the broad-based ethical focus in the organization tends to shift attention from the ethical responsibilities of top management as well as the moral complexities of collective decision-making. While Daniel hails the zeal of the program, he determines that the corporation’s focus on ethics is personal behavior instead of the impacts of the corporation’s policies on the global communities. The resultant effect of the program could be to build a more ethical business environment but at the expense of the public interests.

Ethical issue I experienced at work

Ethical issues are common in most corporations, particularly where the management has the least ethical practices. There are cases where the company decides to take action without including other partners, especially the junior staff. I worked in an organization that was supplying electronics, namely tablets, computers, laptops, and smartphones, among other accessories. The organization has a project intended to support needy children, specifically those coming from marginalized areas. Unfortunately, the company took advantage of the situation is getting more funds from donors, which were used to improve the condition of the company instead of helping the needy children. The issue affected me greatly, and I felt like resigning so that I detach myself from the issue. I was saddened by the organization’s decision to use the funds meant to support the needy children.


Terris, D. (2005). Ethics at work: Creating virtue in an American corporation. UPNE.