Article; those tolls you pay on Miami’s highways could come to an end if this bill passes

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Article; those tolls you pay on Miami’s highways could come to an end if this bill passes


On Tuesday, two Miami law-makers Bryan Avila and Senator Manny Diaz filed a bill In Florida House to dissolve the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority that is mandated to levy tolls on various expressways. The bill would change the design of Miami-Dade’s regional transportation planning organization, and it would force counties to use all transportation surtax money on fixed rail and busways and also gives the county three years to get rid of the money it uses from 2002 halfpenny referendum in the name of subsidizing operations. According to Avila, the MDX had become more of a financial burden than a benefit to the society as anticipated when it was established. However, MDX board chairman Gimenez defended the organization stating that it brought in about $260 million concerning revenue from the rolls and fees. He further claims that the primary purpose of MDX was to maintain the Miami tax dollar in the region in support of the County highways.

There is a possibility for MDX being abolished should Miami law-makers pass the filed bill which wants to end tolling over the five highways such as Dolphin Expressway. I think the main issue in this article involves a fight to abolish tolling by MDX. Avila believes that the organization does not meet its purpose of planning and spending on mass transit but instead has majored on giving incentives on road expansion and other priorities. Therefore, I want to say that it is essential for MDX to be restructured other than being ripped. MDX plays an important role in revenue collection at Miami, and this should not stop for whatever reason. Besides, it is not stated in the article that Miami does not have good roads as a result of the mismanagement of MDX. Therefore, lawmakers and MDX leaders should meet and strike an understanding to solve the issue.