Liquor Journal




Liquor Journal

Journal #1-Bourbon

Jim Beam Bonded

Jim Beam Bonded: Jim Beam Bonded is a bourbon brand produced by Beam Suntory in Clermont Kentucky. Beam Suntory was previously owned by the Beam family before Fortune Brands holding company took and currently owned by Suntory Holdings since 2014. The “Bonded” term means chained warehouses and the rules that govern the warehouses. Bonded is used in reference to a proof of 100, which is 50% alcohol content. Jim Beam Bonded is “semi-sweet with a dry toasted grain and oak”. The bourbon is distilled and comes out with an “a light sweetness with grainy spirited fullness” and it is aged for four years minimum (Smith 120). The bourbon comes in a 750ml bottle at a cost of $19 with about 25.4 servings.

Bourbon Ricky Cocktail

Recipe: 1 1/2 oz Bourbon, half lime, and club soda.

Method: Fill the glass with ice that is cracked followed by a squeeze of lime halfway into the glass dropping the lime in the glass. Last procedure is to stir to combine.

Journal #2- Vodka

Absolut Vodka - Flavored Vodka

Absolut: Absolut vodka is a Swedish produced vodka established in 1879 and comes out as the most famous Vodka brand and launched in the United States in 1979. Absolut is owned by Pernod Ricard, a French group. The vodka is made from winter wheat and water as the main ingredients with no added sugar like other vodkas (Venkatesan et al, 8). Absolut has a mellow and a smooth taste with a combination of rich, complex and full-bodied tastes. Distillation of the vodka was done several times for over 100 years before the first introduction of the drink. Absolut has an alcohol content of 40%. Absolut Vodka comes in a 750ml bottle at about $20.80 and about 25.3 servings.

Moscow Mule

Recipe: 1 2/3 oz Absolut Vodka, ¾ oz lime juice, ginger beer and 2 wedges of lime.

Method: fill the mug with ice cubes followed by the addition of Absolut Vodka and the lime juice. Add ginger beer and finalize by garnishing with lime.

Journal #3-Tequila

Tapatio Blanco 110

Tequila Tapatio: Tapatio is a brand of tequila with its origin from Mexico. The business was founded by Don Felipe in 1937. Currently, the business is owned by Don Felipe’s grandson Carlos as the master distiller. The processing comes in the crushing of cooked agave plants by a stone wheel (Williams 33). The juice from the crushing and the fibers of the agave are them mixed by foot in a barrel for fermentation and then distilled. Double distillation is carried out. Tapatio comes out of distillation as spicy and full-bodied The tequila comes in a750 ml at about $34 and 25.4 serves.

Charbay Classic Margarita

Recipe: 2 oz Tequila Tapatio Blanco, 1 oz lime juice freshly squeezed and 1 oz simple syrup.

Method: Pour all the ingredients into a shaker with ice and shake. Pour into a margarita glass and garnish with a lime wheel: simple syrup of 1c sugar and 1c water and heat in a saucepan over the stove until it becomes diluted. Finally, store in a refrigerator.

Journal #4-Gin

The Botanist

The Botanist: The gin brand is made by the Bruichladdich Distillery that comes as an Islay gin. The Botanist is distilled from “nine different botanicals…” through boiling and then the vapors proceeded through a basket that contains twenty-two other ingredients of herbal origin. The distillation takes seventeen hours at an atmospheric pressure of 0.2 (Broom 13). the Botanist has an alcoholic content of 46% and 70cl with about 23.4 oz. the gin has a long and good spice coupled with growing warmth with citrus that keeps the drink fresh and a smooth taste.

Live Reviver

Recipe: 25ml Botanist gin,25ml dry vermouth, 25ml lemon juice, 25ml sugar syrup, 4 springs of lemon balm and 1 spring rosemary to garnish.

Method: Mix the ingredients in a glass with lemon balm for forty seconds. Stir slowly after adding ice until chilled. Pour into a chilled glass and then garnish with a rosemary spring.

Journal #5-Liqueur

Drambuie: the liqueur was founded in Scotland in 1909 by Malcolm MacKinnon. Drambuie is made out of blended spices, herbs, heather honey and Highland malts as well as Speyside malts and has a 40% alcohol content. The brand is currently owned by William Grant & Sons. The Drambuie has a sweet taste and a golden color (Batey 15). The liqueur comes in 750ml at a cost of about $30 and 25.4 serves.

Autumn Leaves

Recipe: 1oz Pisco Porton, 1oz Drambuie, ¼ oz Campari, ¼ oz lime juice, garnished lime twist and orange wedge.

Method: add the ingredients to a mixing glass that contains ice. Stir and strain into a cocktail glass and then with a twist of lime and a wedge of orange, garnish.

Journals #6-Rum

Bacardi: The Rum was founded by Don Facundo as a private consumption until 2003 when the brand was made public. The brand was established in 1862 in Santiago de Cuba and still remains owned by Bacardi Limited. The rum has a light and smooth taste and a golden reddish color (Beckett 2). The rum is made from the distillation of distinctive aroma and flavor that ages between 10-16 years in an American barrel of oak that is charred lightly. The Bacardi comes in different varieties like Bacardi Mango of 70cl and an alcoholic content of 32 % and about 23.5 serves.


Recipe: 2 lime wedges, 1 part Bacardi rum and 2 parts carbonated water.

Method: Pour rum into a tall glass with ice and squeeze the lime wages into the glass to produce juice while adding lime peels.


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