The Child Labor provisions

The Child Labor provisions





Child labor provision

Perhaps, child labor has been an issue in the United States of America and also in the other global nations. Some of the companies and private businesses have taken advantage of the young and disparate children in the society to work for them for more hours and at the same time with little payment. To protect the children the government through the Fair labor standard act (FLSA) comes up with some legal requirements for any worker in the state. According to the act, the minimum requirement set for unlimited hours is 16 years and for the hazardous occupation is 18 years. However, I think the ages should be amended for the sake of the young people to concrete in their education (Landrigan, Pollack, Belville, Godbold, 1995).

According to me, I think 16 years of age is still young to be engaged I any work in the public since that is the age of going to school. Therefore, the minimum age should be 18 years for any person working under unlimited hours since at this age the youth as an identification card and has to start being responsible for engaging in the community work to get some funds for up keep (Schady, Norbert & Edmonds, Eric,2012). The research conducted in most of the companies employing the young children of the age 16 years was found to mistreat the children since their no legal document to certify the contract that they had because the child has no identification card. This medium has led to some incidences where the child is working with no pay, and there is nothing they can do to prevent or perhaps stop the issue. For this reason, the minimum age for any employment in the states and perhaps globally should be 18 years and above with a legal identity card for security issue and legality in times of seeking for justice from the court to give them a legal claim.

There is some companies and business that deals with chemicals that are very dangerous and therefore needs a careful handling. The people working in this kind of environment are supposed to be skilled in handling the chemicals. According to the FLSA law, the minimum age is 18 years old to work in this kind of environment and no other specification stated by the law. Therefore, based on the security issue I want to say that age factor may not be an issue here but the ability to work in that kind of the environment with minimal harm. We can say that the minimum age is 18 according to the FLSA or 21years or more, but the important factor here is whether the person is safe to work in that kind of the environment or not (Schady, Norbert & Edmonds, Eric, 2012).

 I think the government and the society should look at this issue to make sure that the health safety of the people of the United States especially the youths is protected from any harm that might be found in any work environment. Moreover, to justify my claim, I want to recall what happened some years back when a company was sued by a family after one of their members was badly burnt due to lack of necessary working tools and to say the victim was of right age. Based on the issue, I want to say that in the hazardous environment we need skilled personnel and not looking at age factor (Siroen, Jean-Marc, 2013). 


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