The Pacific War






The Pacific War

            The marine fight against the imperial Japanese on Peleliu and Okinawa was undoubtedly a hellish and horrible experience for E.B. Sledge. Being a marine, Sledge and his colleagues took an oath to defend the American society and whole race of humanity against autocratic leadership eras (Sledge, 1). The imperial Japanese were the perfect match for the marines out of their autocratic mode of leadership that led to enslaving of innocent people. As it is a character of every dictator, imperialism in this case did not go down without its remorseful and unforgettable loss both to the marines and the local society (Sledge, 2).

 Unfortunately, the retired professor became a victim of the misfortunes of the downfall of the imperial Japanese. Professor Sledge .is a unique marine whose battle field revealed the nasty, inhumane and brutal suffering subjected to the military men and civilians who were confined in the 1944-1945 massacres (Sledge, 2). His memoir reveals the suffering the marines undergo in the line of duty courtesy of a selfish dictatorial regime upheld by the Japanese.  Civilization during this encounter was a myth whose degree of reality was infinite.

  The fact that these service men swore to protect humanity gave a ticket to some individual characters of the royal class to perpetrate their egocentric goals. It is sad to learn that there those who rejoiced and gained massively from the pacific war. For professor Sledge, unearthing the truth about the pacific war was even more hellish than the real death of the service men (Sledge, 4). The fact that these service men put their own lives on the line and some even lost their lives in the doctrine of service has to have the greatest level of suffering that can be subjected to any human beings. Sledge narrates of how life as a civilian and life as a military service man or enlisted cop are different. The transition from either side of living style is a hard task.  As the case of veteran of island fighters,

             Sledge had a strong personality that made it hard for anyone to realize that the retired professor and elite marine was indeed hurting from inside.  He finally opens up in his memoir as a family record that is supposed to be confined within the boundaries of the family. Fortunately, the memoir goes public and the suffering and difficulties of the two distinct worlds are exposed to the civil society (Sledge, 6).  In his line of duty, Sledge and other marines are forced to kill to survive in the harsh jungle. The transition from the civilian life to a military life might hence be very pleasing and interesting since to many it is a change to power. The hardest thing is however change from the military life to civilian life.  In his military life, Sledge witnessed rich farming activity of the Okinawans being destroyed by the military or the imperialists. The savagery of Peleliu and Okinawans shows the hardships the native were subjected to by inhumane service men (Sledge, 10).

            The hellish side of the military life to some extent changes the humane side of the servicemen. Sledge and fellow service men literally changed from human beings to animals (Sledge, 8). Military life is all about barbarity and careless livelihood where death is a necessary vice. The corpsman lifestyle is undoubtedly a luxurious life only when there are no rules governing anyone and most important of all having the one’s private life at their hands.  The horrible experiences that Sledge had in his life was the incessant changes in his career from a professor to an elite cop and back to a civilian (Sledge, 12).

            These changes give Sledge depression given that he has to counter the harsh and inhumane treatment from the Japanese imperialists. Given the fact that these Japanese had massive weaponry in their possession meant that Sledge and fellow marine had to engage in high level combat to end slavery of the human race to the autocratic Japanese ideology (Sledge, 9). The process of overthrowing such an era unfortunately has no room for humane approach hence Sledge and the marines had to engage in heinous acts to free human race from slavery.

            The reason why this memoir keeps on hit the top most level is because of the fact that it has been complied out of real life experience of an academic hero as well as successful service men. The hellish and horrible experience Sledge and the marines undergo marked the commencement of a new era of freedom. The human race therefore has an obligation to celebrate the selfless soldiers who always put their own lives into jeopardy for the overall goodness of the society. Sledge is undoubtedly a hero of the past, present and future generations.

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