Global Health Ethics

Module 3 Discussion- Global Health Ethics
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We were introduced to the topics of health equity and social justice in global health, in Module 1. In this module we are taking an even deeper dive into the four traditional ethical principles of autonomy, beneficence, nonmaleficence, and justice through a global health lens. While reading Chapter 6: Global Health Ethics, a need for a global health ethical framework becomes apparent.
The Framework Convention on Global Health [FCGH] (p. 143), will be the focus of this week’s discussion. The overriding themes of this framework are presented below:
• The Health Gap that still exists is partly due to lack of existing substantial health and social policies.
• To achieve global justice, there must be equity.
• To achieve equity, we need to include economic, social and political interventions.
• The FCGH proposed three essential conditions for a healthy life that would be met through a global governance structure and new international law that would establish a health financing network with obligations, accountability, monitoring standards and enforcement:
o Well-functioning health systems that provide quality care
o Full range of public services
o Access to economic and social determinants for good health
• FCGH plan to include initiatives against “drivers” of health disparities.
• The importance of social mobilization (bottom of p. 142) and collaboration.
Discuss the following two topics in your discussion post:
• What global health ethical conflicts or issues does the above Framework Convention on Global Health Plan address?
• How do you envision the global health nurse being involved in governance/legislation and/or policy change to help achieve the goals proposed above by the FCGH plan?
o To find more information regarding nurse involvement in policy change, refer to:
 A New Era in Global Health textbook, CH. 10 pp. 218-219.
 Health Promotion in Nursing Practice textbook, CH. 14 Highlights from Module 3 Readings and Resources
*Rubric Exception:
• For this discussion you are not required to include an outside scholarly journal article as a reference. Citing any outside scholarly source (including a scholarly website) is sufficient.
• TWO references are still required.
• One reference according to course materials (textbook, module resources) is still required.
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