Produce a poster where you: 1. Outline and explain a criminological theory

Produce a poster where you:
1. Outline and explain a criminological theory
2. Critically examine the strengths and weaknesses of the theory
3. Assess how well the theory can explain robbery
You are expected to:
1. Use a criminological theory from the list below:
• Social learning theory
• Strain theory
• Chicago school
• Subculture theories
• Labelling theories
• Neutralisation technique
2. Demonstrate understanding of the theory selected
3. Critically analyse and evaluate the theory reflecting on its strengths and limitations (using academic articles)
4. Reflect and justify your reasons when evaluating and concluding how useful the theory is to explain robbery
Marking scheme
Explanation of the theory (30%)
• You are expected to reflect academic knowledge of the criminological theory
Critical evaluation (30%)
• You are expected to demonstrate critical evaluation by using academic publications
• You are expected to highlight the strengths and limitations of the theory using academic publications
Assess and evaluate how well the theory explains robbery (30%)
• You are expected to critically reflect and evaluate why the selected theory can (or cannot) explain robbery
Referencing (5%)
• You have to use academic publications
• You must use the correct referencing and citing style (i.e. OSCOLA):
Design (5%)
• Consideration of layout, format, etc. to make it clear for the reader

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