Exploring the nurses attitude when caring for patients who have been positively tested for HIV

As a future registered nurse you will need to ensure that you are practicing in line with the best available evidence in all aspects of your role. Achieving this within the context of varied communities, competing evidence, individual preferences and finite resources presents a significant challenge. To meet this challenge, as a future registered nurse, you will need to develop knowledge and skills required to undertake efficient appraisals of the pertinent literature and apply this to the context of your nursing practice. This assessment is designed to help you do that. You will explore evidence that supports your chosen topic.
Your report should critically evaluate and discuss evidence related to your chosen topic. Your work should draw upon a wide variety of evidence which may include research, policies, frameworks and guidelines.
Your report should cover the following areas; Words Approx. Weighting
Topic and Title: Choose a nursing practice topic 750 10%
Background Discuss and provide a rationale for your chosen topic area. Provide context and background (this may include a background to the issue by describing the size of the problem, any trends, the cost to the health care system and individuals/ families or our profession). This will set the scene for you report.
Literature Search – State your search question and describe your literature search (include your key words, Boolean operators, criteria for inclusion and exclusion). The purpose of the search is to identify evidence relevant to your question. You will provide a table of the papers you have included. This will usually be somewhere approximately 6 papers. 1250 30%
Appraisal – Critically appraise the literature you have identified and present the finding. 1750 40%
Implementation – Discuss the facilitators and barriers to the implementation of your findings within the context of nursing practice. 1000 20%
Conclusion – Summarise your report identifying key points discussed. 250
Intended Learning Outcomes
Knowledge and Understanding (maximum of 5)
On successful completion the student will be able to:
1. Critically examine and debate the nature of evidence within healthcare
2. Apply critical appraisal tools in the evaluation of different forms of evidence
3. Explain how evidence can be implemented and disseminated within an integrated and multi-professional health and social care environment
4. Identify and discuss the importance of personalisation within the context of applying evidence-based interventions
5. Explain the barriers to the application of evidence within different practice environments
Practical, Professional or Subject Specific Skills
On completion you will have opportunity to:
6. Engage in a rigorous and detailed exploration of the evidence base relating to an area of nursing of your own choosing
7. Develop a clear argument explaining how the evidence base could be utilised in nursing practice.
Transferable/Key Skills and other attributes (maximum of 5)
On completion the student will have had the opportunity to:
8. Demonstrate knowledge of using technology to identify, communicate and disseminate evidence in a range of appropriate formats;
9. Interpret statistical data within research reports;
10. Apply a systematic approach to locating and evaluating information on a nursing related topic;
11. Construct an accurate bibliography and reference list that complies with the University of Salford standard for referencing;
12. Collaborate and engage with peers and others to manage a workload within guideline parameters, expected standards and within a specified timeframe.
Module Aim
The aim of this module is for you to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes to facilitate the critical application of the evidence based process in Nursing.
Word count/ duration (if applicable)
Your assessment should be no more than 5000 words in length.
This word count does not include your reference list or any information contained within appendices. Items included in appendices are not used to calculate you final grade for this report.
The final word count of your report should be included on the cover page of your report.
If your work is over the specified 5000 words the surplus (those words in excess of the first 5000) will not be considered when assigning your final grade.
Assessment Criteria
You consider the assessment criteria to find out what we are specifically looking at when grading your work. In addition to the information supplied above you can find the marking rubric within the assessments folder on blackboard. If you have any questions relating to this you should discuss them within your academic supervision group.

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