For this essay you will choose one feature film or a documentary/non-fiction film from the list below that is relevant to IT Ethics.

For this essay you will choose one feature film or a documentary/non-fiction film from the list below that is relevant to IT Ethics.
In making a film analysis, you have to treat the film as a “text” which means that the film has to be studied and analyzed.
Keep your paragraphs smooth, set up, state, support, support. with easy English. No fancy words please.
Your paper should NOT be a summary of the film or a “movie review” (this is a not a film appreciation or a creative writing class). Instead, it should contain the following:
Your own title. Make it something both relevant and original
.2. Basic information about the film (title, year released, director’s name, characters, plot summary)
3. Identification of the moral problem/s or issue/s tackled in the film. Why is this a moral issue?
Show its connection with IT – what makes it an IT ethical issue? Is it because the issue could not have existed if IT had not been invented/used, or is it because the issue involves the use of IT that adds a new dimension (e.g. IT makes it very easy to carry out the act or IT diminishes responsibility by enabling anonymity, etc.)?
4. Your thesis statements.
A thesis statement is the statement that your paper will clarify and defend. Feel free to pretend we know nothing and explain in detail using simple words. (We are in an IT related degree)
—Every paragraph or statement in your paper should contribute to the explanation or defense of your thesis.
5. Presentation on how the moral problem/s or issue/s in the film is represented, treated, and resolved.
If you are analyzing a non-fiction film: What are the arguments (pros and cons) presented?
Are these arguments based on utilitarianism, principle/rights based ethics, or virtue ethics?
If it is a feature film: How does the film provide a dramatic illustration of the dynamics between different stakeholders/characters in the issue? (This is where you will write a short summary of the story)
6. Analysis: What are the positive and/or negative aspects of the use of IT that are shown in the film?
How does the content of this particular film relate to some aspect of our course readings and how does the content of the film extend your understanding of IT ethics and its importance?
7. Evaluation. Does the film give a coherent and unbiased account of the issue (especially if it is a non-fiction)?
Do you agree with the position presented in the film? Does the film leave the moral issue unresolved?
Are there crucial arguments or elements of the moral problem that are not discussed in the film? Keep in mind we are in the US.
Do you have any proposal on how to solve this moral issue or prevent it from happening in the future?
Suggested Films for your essay
(choose 1 only – no substitution allowed. Because our first essay is about the case of Edward Snowden, you cannot write a film analysis about his case):
1. Amazon Empire: The Rise and Reign of Jeff Bazos (2020) Frontline Documentary
2. The Matrix (1999)3. The Circle (2017)
4. Ex-Machina (2014)
5. Men, Women & Children (2014)
6. Disconnect (2012)7. Zero Days (2016)
8. Trust (2011) Starring Clive Owen
9. A. I. (2001)by Steven Spielberg
10. The Social Dilemma – A Netflix Original

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