You have been asked to write an article (600 words) for the South London Press on the extent to which ethnicity and gender impact upon differences in life opportunities. You need to provide evidence of the impact on two specific social issues (for example education and employment, or housing or health).

Compare the sex v gender and race v ethnicity issues – relate to:
Social construction
How gender roles and gender stereotypes relate to gender inequality and how ideas/theories of racial difference
and superiority relate to ethnic inequality
How patriarchy relates to gender inequality (Walby – summarise her ideas of patriarchy)
How racism (summarise different forms) relates to ethnic inequality
Provide evidence of gender inequaloity (relate to patriarchy and Walby) and ethnic inequality (relate to racism)
within 2 social issues in society – include stats (up-to-date) and a short narrative relating the stats to socially
constructed inequality for both the gender and ethnicity
Short conclusion
600 words
Use the resources in the relevant lessons to help you. For examples of stats and stats web sites to help you
provide evidence of stratification along gender and along ethnicity see the resources within these two lessons (4
and 5).

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