Study Case ( see add files ) Developing critical knowedge and skills in Adult Nursing

You will be assessed using a 3000­word essay. The essay is in the form of a case
study where you will critically analyse the assessment and care of an adult patient in
any care setting. You will need to critically discuss the illness/condition/disease
process, including any relevant applied physiology, and the treatment and nursing
interventions/care included.
You are advised to identify a case study during your first placement in year two. You
will then be able to develop your ideas during the second term as you receive relevant
taught theoretical elements.
Confidentiality and anonymity must be maintained by changing names and not
referring to any clinical area by name. You should not name the local trust. You could
refer to them instead as, for example, ‘A local NHS trust’.
You must not name staff, patients, clients or any other individual. Instead refer to
them by rank or grade banding or designation or provide a pseudonym, stating you
have done so and a rationale as to why (with supporting evidence). Consent should
be obtained from individual patients/clients for use of any of their personal health
information. Failure to do so may result in referral to fitness to practice. Please refer to
your professional guidance for confidentiality.
As this is a text­based assessment task, submission will be via Turnitin®. You are
strongly advised to keep a copy of all work submitted.
This assessment will be graded and accounts for 50% of the overall module mark.
The University’s generic assessment criteria for Intermediate Level will be used.
This assessment task relates to learning outcomes 1 and 2.
Knowledge and Understanding Outcomes
1. Critically understand developmental and disease processes and the ways in
which this manifests in people in the field.
2. Critically evaluate the safety and effectiveness of care when planning and
implementing care for adult nursing.
Work should be referenced using the APA 7
system (as per the University
guidelines). Information on this system can be found at­info/apa­referencing//

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