Discuss applications of mass spectrometry in cell signalling research

Advice on essay writing
– Chose a good title – should be informative and not very long. Do not use
abbreviations and gene names in the title.
– Write your name and affiliation underneath the title.
– You do not need to structure the essay with abstract, introduction etc. You
could write a short paragraph, 100-150 words, in the beginning introducing the
subject, putting it in broader context, medical, biological, and stating the aim of
the essay. For example something like that:
Protein tyrosine phosphorylation is an important post-translational modification
in signalling proteins. It is a process of transferring gamma phosphate from ATP
to the side chain of specific tyrosine residues in target proteins. The enzymes
responsible for this process are known as protein tyrosine kinases. They can be
either integral membrane proteins or soluble cytoplasmic proteins. Both type
play important role in cell signaling by activating various signalling pathways,
which in turn regulate cell proliferation, cell migration, adhesion and other
important biological functions. This essay will discuss the mechanisms of
regulation of….
– Then you write the remaining part of the essay very much as the Discussion
section of a scientific paper. You can briefly discuss specific methods if you think
it will enhance the discussion but do not give technical details.
– Cite at between 4 and 7 references. You can cite 1 review article or a textbook
but you must cite at least 3 important references from the primary literature
(this means research papers reporting original results). A good strategy is to go
first to textbooks or review articles and then select the most important 3-5
primary references. For example, if you write on SH2 domains you need to cite
the paper that defines the domain for the first time.
– You can approach the essay from historic perspective – start with the discovery
of the mechanisms and then go to the current state of understanding of the
– You can mention wider implications – for medicine, for environment (if any),
ethics etc. But the main context should be cell signalling.
– If you want to include visuals let it be a single figure illustrating the topic. Don’t
forget to cite the source and reference it if you take it from the literature or the

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