Techinical Certificate Business Admin NVQ Level 4 Managing Business faciities

Outline the health and safety, environmental legislation, and energy management issues which affect an
Explain why they are relevant to the organisation.
Task 2 – Criteria 3.2
Investigate the environmental impact of an organisation’s approach to:
energy sources
renewable versus non-renewable energy
carbon footprint
legal considerations
Investigate how the business’ aims, objectives, organisational approach to Corporate Social Responsibility
(CSR), working practices, location and facilities can influence its environmental impact.
Explain, using the evidence of your investigations, the environmental impact of an organisation.
Task 2 – Criteria 3.4
Explain what is meant by waste management.
Identify a range of environmental and security issues that an organisation should address in its waste
management procedures.
Task 2 – Criteria 3.5
Define what is meant by the term ‘risk assessment’.
Explain the difference between ‘risk’ and ‘hazard’.
Explain the purpose of risk assessment and the five steps to risk assessment.
Explain how to carry out a risk assessment.
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