The Growth of the Gig Economy: A Platform for Technology Startups

Main aims/objectives
This study will focus on examining the reasons behind the growth of the gig economy as well as establishing
why it is a desirable way for individuals to work/organisations to employ those workers. As the topic title
suggests, one of the main aims of this project is to analyse the link between the emergence of technology based
startup companies utilizing the gig economy. The objective is to cement the notion that gig work is here to stay
and its only getting stronger with time. More specifically, this project will showcase how there is a gap in the
market for a new type of platform which will allow the hire of gig workers for everyday tasks. There are some
platforms that already exist (Task Rabbit, Air Tasker and a few others) but with very limited functionality that
focuses on certain types of work rather than the full spectrum. There is a reason why the Uber and Airbnb
business model has been so successful, two of those reasons are simplicity/convenience and problem solving
(expensive and inconvenient methods of getting a taxi and limited hotel locality and expensive rates). This
project will prove how the right business model and concept execution can achieve far more successful results
than the current operators in the “everyday tasks” gig platform. Additionally, proving that it is a stable channel
of employment which can withstand economic uncertainties (e.g. recessions, pandemics) and assist in
developing the future of consumerism.
This project will utilize a mixed methods approach to analysis to gain a deeper understanding of all areas
relevant to the inquiry. Qualitative data sets will be extracted from one to one interviews (remotely setup via
digital channels), additionally quantitative analysis using online surveys will be distributed and collected using
digital channels and some email correspondence. The survey will focus around the various demographics of
people who would either use this platform to find work or use this platform to get work done; such as students,
young professionals, season workers, stay at home spouses, retirees amongst many others.
Sample/Participants (over 18’s only)
Potential participants will include: Individuals working in the gig economy, individuals in conventional
employment, consumers of services offered in the gig economy, general public, students, professionals, retired
individuals. Participants will be recruited through local businesses (people employed in traditional shift work
and on demand labour) as well an established network of students and general public contacts through word of
mouth. Recruitment and surveys/interviews will be via online, telephone and email correspondence as lockdown
has impacted field work. Minors and vulnerable adults will not be included in the research for ethical reasons.

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