The nurse’s role in the assessment and management of young-onset frontotemporal dementia within a community setting

Chapter Four: Nurse’s Role in Transforming Clinical Practice to Meet the Needs of…
• Critically analyse the role of the nurse in leading practice
o For example:
Collaborative working within the MDT
• Critically analyse the qualities needed to be a leader
o For example:
Facilitative skills (eg developing competence in self and others)
Leadership skills (eg transactional vs transformational leadership styles)
• As you identify areas where practice could be improved, what sort of change theory could be used?
o For example:
PDSA cycle
The ‘pillars’ of Clinical governance
Implementing the 6 C’s
• Critically analyse strategies for managing care
o For example:
Implementing quality standards/national guidance (eg Improvement Cymru (formally known as 1000 Lives+
initiative), Department of Health’s national quality standards, End of Life Care Strategy, Transforming Care, etc)
Clinical supervision (and its role in improving standards of care for your chosen client group)
• Summarise how quality care can be realised in p

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