Conducting, and analysing the resulting data from face to face depth interviews

Task 1

Conducting, and analysing the resulting data from face to face depth interviews  -This will build on knowledge of qualitative interview skills and analysis -You may have done this previously as a group but this is now designed to hone individual skills –

You will need to: -Provide a statement of purpose/objective – THIS CAN BE FOR THE WHOLE PORTFOLIO IF RELEVANT -State who your Population of Interest will be -Discuss who you will interview and how you will choose them – ABOVE 2 POINTS NEEDS ONLY A FEW LINES TO JUSTIFY YOUR DECISIONS -Consider any ethical considerations – AGAIN A FEW LINES – MAINLY ABOUT INFORMED CONSENT AND ANONYMITY -Write a discussion guide – PUT THIS IN THE APPENDIX -Conduct the interviews -Analyse the data gathered in a relevant format and in an effective way – relating this to Consumer Behaviour theory where relevant – DETAILED ANALYSIS CAN BE IN THE APPENDICES – BIG SHEET OF PAPER APPROACH? MAIN FINDINGS AND LINK TO THEORY IN THE BODY OF THE PORTFOLIO – USE QUOTES (anonymous) TO ENRICH UNDERSTANDING -Provide 2-3 key Insights from the analysis and discuss how they would impact marketing decisions  – NOT A FULL PLAN BUT AN IDEA OF WHAT DECISIONS THE INSIGHT MAY INFORM

Aim for up to 5 interviews – preparation can be shared/interview each other?

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