Managing People and Careers

Formative Assessment(
As we are suspending face to face teaching we offer a different formative – that will scaffold the summative.
Submit a writtten answer (up to 300 words) to the following questions:
• Create a News letter to promote equality and diversity in the work place ( Please refer to week 3 and 4 lecture slides for references).
Due to the current situation that is happening around the world regarding discrimination , the students are required to know about Equality and Diveristy in the workplace . This assessment will enable the students to come up with innovative ways to promote equality and diversity in their workplace. The students can be creative as much as possible ,however, strictly academic language and professionalism should be maintained.Please click the template to download a newsletter and start working on your formative assessment.
How to create a Newsletter using Microsoft Word: HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “″view=detail HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “″mid=9CA81803D979A96CCA909CA81803D979A96CCA90 HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “″FORM=VRDGAR HYPERLINK “″& HYPERLINK “″ru=%2Fvideos%2Fsearch%3Fq%3Dnewsletter%2Bexamples%2Bword%26FORM%3DHDRSC4
This session is compulsory. You will receive feedback on the above mentioned section from your tutor and it is not a part of your summative assessment.
It is important that you attend ALL seminars, but it is particularly important that you attend the relevant seminars feeding directly into your assessment. Failing to attend will affect your final mark.
Summative Assessment
For your final assessment you will be asked to submit a portfolio containing the components listed below which will be based around a given fictitious job vacancy. You will have a choice of 3 job vacancies, which will be given to you in week 5-6 of teaching. The job vacancies will be fictitious, but based on suitable vacancies available at the time.
The purpose of this is to enable you to put your learning immediately into practice in a current and meaningful way. During the seminars leading up to week 9-10 you will be practising the skills you will need on other, similar, vacancies. Marking will be according to the mark scheme included in this document and full details will be shared and discussed during seminars.
All components must be combined in one document.
Component Approximate Word Count
An appropriately targeted cover letter (no more than 500 words)
Appropriately targeted competency-based job application answers to supplied questions (5 questions at approximately 200 words each – 1000 in total)
An appropriately targeted CV (no more than 2 sides of A4) (approx. 600 words in total) 600
Reflective account
Your reflective account will need to addresses the question ‘How Business Ready Are You Currently?’
Produce a reflective account of how you have developed two Business Readiness Competencies whilst studying this this module. Draw on examples from seminar activities and/or part-time work experience as evidence of how you have been proactively developing your Business Readiness. You should demonstrate the application of Kolb, or Gibb’s Reflective Learning Cycle in your reflective account.
You will need to choose 2 from the following skills:
• Effective communication
• Business etiquette
• Interpersonal skills
• Presentation skills
• Time Management
The maximum word limit for this assessment is 2500 words, excluding references and templates.
There is no specified format for your cover letter or your CV. How you structure these is up to you and will form part of the assessment criteria. We suggest you create each component as a separate document with appropriate formatting then cut and paste to combine it into one document. You may need to re-adjust the formatting for each component once it has been transferred to the final document. Please practise this in good time for submission as the quality of your formatting will contribute to your final mark.
ADDITIONAL NOTE: Due to the nature of this assignment it will not be possible to mark it as anonymous.
ADDITIONAL NOTE: Fabricated CVs will be treated as misconduct, please ensure your CV is NOT fabricated
How will we support you with your assessment?
• By including exercise-based seminars designed to help you practise the skills you will need to be successful in the assessment
• Formative feedback as described above (under Formative Assessment)
• All lectures will contain information you need and all seminar work is practical and should be directly applicable to your assessment
• There are no previous examples of work available for this module because it is new. However, where possible and appropriate, we will provide you with worked examples of the required components of the summative assessment.
How will your work be assessed?
Your work will be assessed by a subject expert who will use the marking rubric provided on Moodle. When you access your marked work it is important that you reflect on the feedback so that you can use it to improve future assignments.
Academic research is not required for this module, however, where you an external source has informed your work (perhaps in your reflection notes) you MUST acknowledge it and use the Harvard System to reference it.

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