Assessing the requirement of ‘graphical representation in trade mark registration.

In recent years, “multi-sensory branding” has taken the commercial world by storm, and merchants are increasingly using a range of advertising techniques that appeal to all five senses of their targeted consumers—
sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. While trade marks have traditionally been visually distinctive signs, the
emergence of non-traditional trade marks has raised important challenges for intellectual property law, such as
the extent to which visual perceptibility and graphical representation should continue to serve as prerequisites
for registration.’ Eugene C. Lim & Samtani Anil, ‘Acoustic branding, non-traditional trade marks and the
graphical representation requirement: a conceptual and empirical analysis’, E.I.P.R. 2019, 41(1), 5-13
notice ;
The key theme of the title is assessing the requirement of ‘graphical representation’ in trade mark registration.
Therefore, the backbone of discussion and central arguments should be based on the analysis. The introduction
of non-conventional trade mark will only serve as an example assessing the function of ‘graphical representation’

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