HR strategy for Recruiting employees

Scenario: You are a human resource director working in an integrated urban hospital. As a result of ongoing
changes in the hiring process at your facility, your VP of HR has charged you with preparing a plan for
supervisors to use when they recruit and select health care employees. Before you can prepare the plan, you
must first analyze the challenges involved in the recruitment and selection of health care providers. You must
also propose strategies to address those challenges.
In a 7- to 9- page report to the VP, address the following:
1)Analyze three challenges (e.g., legal, ethical, moral, and operational) related to recruitment and three
challenges associated with selection.
Include a balance of information on both internal and external challenges, and explain how these challenges
impact recruitment and selection.
2)Explain the impact of failing to address these challenges on human resource functions and hospital
performance management.
Recommend sustainable strategic and tactical approaches to address the challenges associated with internal and
external factors that affect recruitment and selection.
3)Describe a strategic approach for each factor you identified and explain how this strategy will help mitigate
the potential challenges inflicted by the particular internal or external challenges. Include best practices from
other industries (e.g., information technology, hospitality) in your recommendation.
4)Evaluate the efficiency and effectiveness of various recruitment sources and selection methods.
Explain how information from other industries can inform recruitment and selection in the health care industry.
Identify at least two recruitment sources that the human resource department should use and evaluate their
efficiency and effectiveness.
5)Identify at least two candidate selection processes that the human resource department should use and explain
which is most effective and

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