An Assessment on Improving the Solar Photovoltaic Power System’s Efficiency in Bangladesh.

Improve the solar power system, Planning for Climate – stablish the user-friendly system for climate change, study on thermoelectric cooling and vapor cooling system, Solar power.
its a MSC research proposal . and social science. Its need to have expertise on mathematics and engineering
REVISION: Dear Writer, The writer even could not understand the title . —- how to enhance the performance of photovoltaic ( PV) panels in the context of weather / climate like Bangladesh . Its should be a pure mathematical / electrical engineering theory that can prove the hypothesis scientifically .
I think the writer have no idea about the performance of the PV cells . What is the experiment of improving the performance of PV cell . I sorry but the proposal written is completely no where . but some part of the latest revision talked about PV cells cooling system what is the part of the proposal
the proposal is a mess just the part added lastly ( highlightiqued ) said a a little about the topic.

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