‘The Use of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) in Advertising’

MK328 and MK325Ex Semester One Assessment and Rubric
The assessment for Semester 1 is an individual literature review on the subject of:
‘The Use of Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) in Advertising’
Your literature review should be 1,750 words (+ / – 10%). You will need to use the online library (and specifically, Business Source Premier) to gain access to the academic journal articles needed for your literature review.
You should refer to at least 25 academic journal articles (although most students will reference many more) and present the views of a range of key authors in the field. You should draw on literature that simply focusses on ASMR, as well as literature that only considers advertising AND literature that combines research on both topics.
All your references should be recent if possible, i.e., published within the last 5 years. The only exception to this is seminal articles, I.e., academic journal articles that are considered particularly important in the development of thought around a topic. You can identify seminal articles by the frequency that they are referenced in the literature by different authors. Seminal articles may be older than 5 years, in which case it is fine to include them in your discussion. You may include references to/examples of ASMR advertising materials to illustrate the theory you discuss if you wish.
You must be careful to not plagiarise your work or collude with others. You must use Harvard referencing throughout your work for both in-text references and the reference list. Whilst you may share interesting academic journal articles with your peers, you must never copy another’s words in describing that article. All cases of suspected plagiarism and collusion will be investigated.
This is the link to Business Source Premier which is one of my University institution’s main requirement for references for this assessment.
A lot of academic journals in which I need could be found there. This coursework/essay requires me to use at least 25 Academic journals. Google scholar could be used but the school needs more from Business Source Premier. I would also need you to write down for me the key authors used in this field of research.
To access this, you use that link, then go down to Key business and Management Resources, then you’ll see ‘’A-Z Database List’’ and right under, the first option will be Business Source Premier (BSP). Kindly email me if you have any problem with this on yaksidrizz@gmail
The username is yiy13
The Password is Yurhan4b
The rubric for this assessment is as follows:
Weighting of Marks* Detail
10% Introduction to the topic and key definitions. Outline of the paper’s structure.
60% Use of a good range of literature to discuss the increasing use of ASMR in advertising. You will need to consider literature that solely focuses on ASMR, solely on advertising and literature that considers the use of ASMR in advertising. You should include examples to illustrate points made. You should ensure that you include clear evidence of comparing and contrasting academic studies.
20% Summary of the discussion and inclusion of students’ own views on the increasing use of ASMR in advertising.
Presentation 10%
Quality of written English, inclusion of sub-sections to highlight key themes, Harvard referencing.
*Please note that the weighting of marks for each section should also be used as a rough indication of the word count for that section.

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