Understanding & knowledge of the production methods

4. Case Study Understanding & knowledge – Individual Work
You are required to provide a descriptive review of the production methods of a national / international engineering project or product according to your study discipline as noted below:
a) For BEng Mech/Gen/Design/Product/Bio-Mech etc in Workshop Groups 04/05 & 16
The review must include design and development methods used to produce an engineering product for a specific application. Provide a description of how the overall design requirement has met the following manufacturing main considerations:
• minimize total number of parts in product
• minimize variety of parts
• design parts for the ease of manufacture
• design to minimize production operations
• select the optimum combination between the material and fabrication
• process to minimize the overall manufacturing cost
Examples of projects to choose could be one of the following, or another of your own choice:
1. Design and development of automated waste segregator
2. Design and development of electrical power generation from footstep
3. Design and development of solar mobile charger
4. Design and development of social distancing & mask monitor drone for Covid prevention
5. Design and development of DIY ventilator for Covid pandemic
Resources, for example:
• Moodle Materials in Week xxx of EG5010
Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE)
• https://www.imeche.org/webinar-hub
• https://www.imeche.org/industry-sectors
Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET)
• https://www.theiet.org/impact-society/sectors/design-and-manufacturing/
Design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA)
• https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=igWfQpxI100
Competencies that can to be demonstrated:
Industry Connections (IC), e.g.
Ability to research into current simulation or construction methods in an industrial context, and to gain knowledge of real-life projects / case studies that increase your knowledge of how the industry operates.
Ability to use correct technical vocabulary and terms.
Cognitive Intelligence (CI) e.g.
Demonstration of subject knowledge of current manufacturing or construction methods in an industrial context and an understanding of the problem- solving methods used.
Community Connections – (CC)  e.g
Ability to link up with external organisations / people to gain knowledge and information about the impacts of new systems and technologies on stake-holders, clients and customers.
Other Competence(s) of your own choosing & subsequent discussion
For example, demonstration of awareness of your Social Intelligence Development (SID), or what you have gained via University Give-Back (UGB) in what you have done in this work.
Submission Format & Feedback
Provide a brief written account @ 500 words, and where applicable include use of clear, labelled photographs or diagrams to describe and explain the case study knowledge gained.

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