Ocean Policy – ocean governance

Use an ocean-related topic that has appeared in the news in the last five years.
Write a six page paper applying concepts/ideas/arguments from at least 3 of the
readings this quarter to illuminate the topic/case study.
The paper should have an opening paragraph with a clear thesis statement, preferably something that clearly
articulates how you think the different arguments you are
going to use can be made to work together to illuminate the case study you have chosen.
***Please put your thesis statement in bold.****
You should also provide enough detail regarding the topic you have chosen such that we have a sufficient grasp
of it to assess your analysis of it. Proper citations to the source material on the topic (and a works cited page) are
a must
In the opening paragraph you should summarize what arguments you are going to explain so we have a sense of
the organization of the essay and where you will be heading with your own argument.
You should use specific concepts/ideas/arguments from the course texts.
*Illustrative quotations are a must*.
Please avoid applying an author’s argument in complete isolation from the arguments of other authors. The goal
is to weave the different arguments/concepts together to show how they can be used together to illuminate the
topic of your choosing.
One thing to avoid is a summary of the topic you’ve selected followed by a series of summaries of the various
concepts you’ve selected from the course readings.
Instead, you should be weaving together the ideas from the class into a discussion of your chosen topic.
Citations should take the form of the author’s last name followed by the specific page number on which the
quotation or idea appears in parentheses. For example: (Jones 126).
Tip: One possible way of approaching your topic would be to do what Stefan Helmreich
suggests anthropologists do—that is, track the way other groups are thinking with oceans
and how their vision of ocean space is affecting what they’re doing. This might involve
identifying and challenging a particular vision of ocean space that presents itself as a
“natural” (that is, singularly true) interpretation of that space, what that space is, and what’s possible there.
We will be grading this assignment based on content, clarity, organization, and logic.
Content refers to whether the information you present is accurate (e.g., did author A actually make statement X).
Clarity is a measure of how well you have expressed a given point in your writing. In other words, can we
understand what you are saying given your choice of syntax and vocabulary? With regard to organization, we
will be looking to see if you have structured your response in a way that is best suited to conveying your
point—e.g., do you build on your argument, or do you jump around to different points
and bits of evidence in a way that comes across as disorganized. Finally, logic refers to
whether the statements you make follow one from the other. It assesses the coherence of
your analysis or explanation

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