Sustainable Development – reflection after 10 years of the new plan

Focus on Sustainable Development Goals.
Main task of this essay is to write an interview between you as a CEO of a company and an interviewer from a
magazine 10 years from now.
I have written a report about Nike, where I evaluated Nike’s current strategy for their set SDGs and created a
roadmap for changing their current strategy.
The idea of the interview is to provide a detailed analysis of this change in strategy (how it impacted Nike 10
years into the future). Impact on profits, public image, achievement of the set targets are needed to be
mentioned. Make sure to state that the proposed strategy is good (do not criticise it excessively, but mention both
positive and negative outcomes that led to a good overall result over the 10 years).
The key focal point of the essay is to give an overall stance where the company is after pursuing the set targets
(see attached file, strategic roadmap section).
Things necessary to be mentioned:
1. Critical examination of the strategic roadmap (What could have been done different? Any other focus points
that Nike has been pursuing?)
2. Why and what has been effective about the change of strategy?
3. Mention what was the main change of the strategy and whether it was a tendency towards the right direction
for Nike
4. State the impacts of collaborations, legislative changes that impacted the strategy over the years
5. Barriers towards achieving the set targets (Do research on possible changes within the shoe industry, identify
a possible stance in the 10 years time)
Assessment criteria are focused on:
Academic Writing – make sure the style, word use is as if it is an actual interview between a CEO and a reporter
for a magazine
Evaluation (make sure to be critical- mention other approaches that could have been more effective, but at the
same time mention benefits of the proposed approach)
Reflection- key for a good grade (reflect upon the last 10 years- mention both sides; negative and positive)
Aim to receive 90%+ on this assessment

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