Business case- Nursing Improvement and Entrepreneurship. Empowering Individuals with depression to selfmanage via a digital application

The assignment for this module consists of 2 parts, each are worth 50% of the mark and both parts must be
Part 1: A Business Case for a proposed improvement initiative (3,000 words)
You are required to; select and justify an area of practice that you think could be improved, identify and defend
an improvement initiative and discuss how you think the improvement process could proceed using a recognized
improvement model. The majority of service improvement initiatives require funding, which in turn requires a
well written and convincing business case to be produced. To aid the development of the skills required to
produce such a document your assignment will be written in the format of a business case using a template that
we will provide.
Part 2: Video recorded Defense of the Business Case (max. 20 mins) power point
The recorded defense will provide deeper theoretical discussion around the choices made at each stage of the
Business Case. This will be your opportunity to show off your newfound knowledge and promote your
improvement initiative.
You will be provided with plenty of detail about each of these components, and you will have support, so please
don’t worry about them.
Assessment Criteria
The criteria below will apply to both parts of the assessment.
• Identify and justify an area of quality improvement and propose a service improvement initiative based on
internal and external drivers and supported by sound evidence from a range of sources
• Find, select, and justify the appropriate evidence, tools, measurement techniques and model of improvement to
facilitate the development of a proposal for the identified service improvement initiative
• Demonstrate a deep understanding of the role of evidence through a critical discussion of the quality and
usefulness of the evidence used to justify their proposed improvement
• Discuss the role of the nurse in the context of entrepreneurship and service improvement initiatives by
identifying the knowledge, skills and attributes required to successfully engage with and contribute to this
• Write up the selected Service improvement initiative in the format of a business case
• Demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the stages of the service improvement process, including the
role of stakeholders, through the production of a well thought out and justified business case
Arial font, size 12, 1.5 line spacing. Harvard Ref.

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