Your assignment is to write an essay in which you analyze, interpret, and judge the way Southern Migrant Mixtape

Essay #4 judge the way Southern Migrant Mixtape

Identities: Analyzing Representations of the Personal and the Political in
Southern Migrant Mixtape, by Vernon Keeve III
3-4 pages plus MLA Works Cited, due the last day of class
Peer Review: The week before it’s due
Vernon Keeve III mixes prose and poetry to depict the city in Virginia in which he grew
up, its history of racism and slavery, and the racism and homophobia he experienced as
he came of age. He continues to explore these issues in California after his move here.
His book shows how politics, history, social structure all affect him in both public and
private life.
• Your assignment is to write an essay in which you analyze, interpret, and judge
the way Southern Migrant Mixtape and one or more essays that we have read in
Rereading America deal with the personal and the political, personal identity and
culture vs. national identity and culture. Choose one topic that both texts share
and focus your essay around it.
• First decide on a specific topic that is in Southern Migrant Mixtape and then look
for an essay that also covers it. Here are some topics students have looked at in
the past: gender identity, homophobia, father-son or mother-son relations,
interpersonal racism, institutional racism, historic consciousness, etc.
• One of those essays must be from what we have read since Essay #2. You may also
use personal experience, but no more than 1/2 page. This essay is based mostly on
analysis of professional writings. If there is no essay in Rereading America that
corresponds, you can find a peer reviewed article from the academic database.
• You must include an MLA Work Cited page that includes all sources.
• First, you need to narrow down the subject to a manageable topic.
• Some topics include personal and/or institutional racism,; education; law
enforcement; segregation; domestic terrorism; homophobia; gender identity; women’s
conditions; class struggle; civil rights; exploitation of children; religious and cultural
• You might also analyze at how each text presents the ideas. What kind of language is
used? What is the writer’s tone of voice? It is a narrative/descriptive or analytical
work? What are the modes of development? Is the essay appealing to the audience’s
logic or emotions? Who is the audience? Where was/is the essay published? These
are some questions you can ask. Your essay does NOT need to cover all of them.
Cover only what is relevant to your argument.
• Your paragraphs will back up and expand your thesis by analyzing and interpreting
the essays. Please make use of the PIE schema for paragraph development
• Your conclusion should go beyond only a restatement of the thesis to show further
ramifications or consequences or relations to related issues, or an expanded or
different perspective.
Grading Scale
Thesis 10pts
Introduction 10pts
Conclusion 10pts
Body paragraphs – PIE schema
Topic sentence 5pts
Development 5pts
Detailed analysis and interpretation of texts 10pts
Effective use of quotes, paraphrases, summaries 10pts
Depth of significance and meaning 10pts
Sentence variety 10pts
Sentence correctness 20pts

100 points
Points will be subtracted for insufficient page length and no Works Cited page or an
incorrectly formatted Works Cited page. Also this is the last essay so you will not be
able to rewrite.

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