In approximately 750 words, explain how threeof the research methods (listed below) work

In approximately 750 words, explain how threeof the research methods (listed below) work. You should explain
what the key features of the research method are, and also explain the key strengths and weaknesses of each
method. Please indicate which methods you have chosen.
Suitable methods include; lab experiment, field experiment, covert observation, overt observation, case study,
interview, questionnaire, historical records study, longitudinal study.
2. Dave and Rupa need to conduct a piece of research as part of their course at college. They have been asked to
answer the following research question: does listening to music affect memory?
In approximately 1000 words, explain how you would conduct a piece of research in order to answer this
research question. As part of your answer you should do the following:
● State what research method you would use and how you would use this method to answer the research
● Justify your choice of this method.
● Explain how you would try to ensure that your method was both valid and reliable
● Explain how you would ensure that you were conducting the research in line with the
ethical guidelines for psychological research
Your work should include in-text referencing and a reference list of sources using the Harvard referencing
You may submit a draft of your assignment to your tutor for comments but this must be done well before the
submission date to enable you to make any changes and still hand your assignment in on time
There are amendment needed in area that lack detail the whole paper is not needed to rewrite.
Please use a different Colour or font to show what has been added or changed this is extremely important so
please do not forget.

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