Information Communication Technology

Throughout this course, you will submit four written assignments separately, which will ultimately comprise your final project. Your paper should be logically organized, cohesive, and incorporate any feedback that your mentor gave on your assignments.
For this assignment, you will prepare a white paper of 15–20 pages (about 300 words per page) in APA format on a specific technology (e.g., genetically modified foods or cloning of animals) within your area of discipline. You should select an applied technology that was either successfully implemented or failed. The paper, although technically focused, does not necessarily require the researcher/author to include a significant amount of technical data about the system. The focus should include an overview, identifying impact, perspectives, and trends for a particular technology. The paper should include four topics and at least two items from each topic. Each section should be between 4–5 pages. See the summary table below for details.
The Final Project: A White Paper on a Specific Technology (Summary Table)
Section Assignment Topics Covered
1 WA1 Overview of Selected Technology
• Technology selected including what it does and how it works
• Benefits and disadvantages of the technology
• Identify the major competitors in the marketplace
• Origins of technology
2 WA2 Impact of Selected Technology
• Any current or potential ethical considerations
• Short or long-term medical concerns, if applicable
• Indirect or direct environmental issues
• Positive or negative economic effects
3 WA3 Various Perspectives and Opinions
• Provide alternative perspectives from experts on technology
• Political implications and influences
• Public opinion on technology such as the media, consumers and community
• Your assessment of how effective the initial planning and risk assessment was to the implementation and usage of the technology
4 WA4 Trends
• Historical or previous trends
• Future direction and roadmap of technology
• Current PoC (Proof of Concepts) for alternative application of the technology
• Gaps in the current application of the technology, or opportunities to drive towards new markets
• Your paper should be 15–20 pages in length (about 300 words per page, double-spaced)
• Your paper should be written in APA format
• Your paper should incorporate mentor feedback
• Be sure to document all contentions and “facts” mentioned in an academically acceptable manner. (See Writing Resources below.)

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