Analyzing Quality Improvement

Step 1 Research quality improvement initiatives in your workplace Sepsis
Step 2 Research quality improvement standards.
Using the Internet, review websites such as those for the Joint Commission or the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and gather information on the standard for the initiative.
Step 3: In your paper include the following:
• Title page
• Introduction
• Conclusion
• References
In the paper answer the following:
1. Describe the quality improvement initiative and why it is important.
2. What evidence was used to determine that quality improvement was needed?
3. Explain what goal the initiative is trying to achieve.
4. What national standards are being met by addressing the initiative?
5. Which quality indicators will be used to measure the improvement in the initiative? Describe the quality indicators and how they support the initiative.
6. Explain who collects the data and what is done with the data/how it is used/who uses it.
7. Determine the agencies to which they report their information.
8. Determine nursing’s involvement in helping with the initiative.
***Use APA Format
***Cite references within 7 years.

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