Innovation has always played a significant role within the world of fashion – starting from the invention of a sewing machine, to the rise of e-commerce, leading to today, where we even have biodegradable glitter and fabrics made from seaweed or orange fibres. Fashion has always been forward-looking, grabbing onto new inventions as they emerge, continuously looking for something revolutionary. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no exception, the industry is ubiquitous today, growing at a faster pace than ever. Starting from having a deliberate conversation with virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri, to AI algorithms that predict style trends, to virtual reality mirrors in dressing rooms. Nowadays, technology is influencing, personalizing and shaping every facet of fashion.
(find a way to connect fashion with fashion events)
There’s a talk of a new evolution that could fundamentally revolutionize every aspect of the fashion events industry (webby awards, 2020), but will AI reform fashion events for better? Are virtual shows the new evolution? Is the future of fashion events digital?
The main unifying theme of this study is to investigate, critically analyse and reflect on the interconnection between artificial intelligence and fashion events with the aim to impart a foundation for comprehending the type of methods applied within the fashion events industry.
Furthermore, the objectives the student is looking to explore
-What is AI
-History of AI
-How is AI integrated within fashion events?
-How is AI transforming the fashion events industry?
-The impact of the pandemic affecting fashion week by accentuating virtual fashion shows
-3D Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) fashion shows
-The future of fashion events – can robots & AI replace models one day?
The student has always had a profound passion for artificial intelligence and its application within the fashion industry, thus, she aspires to integrate AI within her final major project which will be stimulated by the title with the concept of portraying her SS21 collection through a virtual reality fashion show, in collaboration with a 3D graphic designer

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