21st Century Globalisation

Read the following Scenario, and prepare a Report with the guidelines provided.
Scenario: You are hired as a management consultant for a chosen organization (preferably an organization located in your home country). As a consultant, you are assigned to study the impact of globalization and make interventions addressing the following:
Assignment Task 1 Report on Organisation [75 Marks]
1. Evaluate how drivers of globalization in the 21st century has affected your organization and the people of your country. [1,500 Words, 25 Marks]
2. Critically evaluate how globalization has affected the inequalities in various countries in the 21st century world (you may choose three or more countries around the world). [1,500 Words, 20 Marks]
3. Discuss how the organization would cope with the challenges of expatriate management of the employees of the chosen organization relocating to various locations around the world (choose two different countries where your employees would be relocating with their spouse and children). [3000 Words, 30 Marks]
The report shall not exceed 6,000 words and should include relevant examples and illustrations.
Assignment Task 2 Written Summary & Student Presentation [25 Marks]
Scenario: You are expected to deliver a Presentation on the Analysis of the demographic, political and social processes that cause changes in the global world today.
Along with your PPT presentation, you will write a short summary of your answer for this task.
● Feel free to include short videos. For e.g. example 1 to 2 minutes long.
● Try to use bullet points and keep it short.
● Photos can also be used to tell a story or help explain a point.
7-10 slides on PPT
10 minutes to present.
5 minutes for a Q and A session
You will be scored out of 25 with the marks distributed as follows:
(Quality of design, layout, images, overall appeal) Contents Presentation Skills (Confidence, communication Skills, Posture, Voice Modulation) Interaction/Q&A Total
5 Marks 6 Marks 6 Marks 8 Marks 25 Marks
An important Caveat: If your slides includes extensive content then you are likely to go over your time. It is recommended to stay with bullet points and give an overview of them. Sometimes it might not be required to detail everything line by line, but to give an overview and speak around the data. This requires practice but the approach will help you in delivering future presentations.
The Presentation (in PPT format for task 2) should be submitted on LMS along with the assignment.

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