Is the international system increasingly embracing the human rights regime?  Write an essay with examples to demonstrate your position. Make sure to define what is the human rights regime.

Please answer the following questions in essay form. The idea of a final exam is to show me that you understand the material, so don’t forget to define your concepts and to offer examples using historical events.
You also know that I appreciate it when you organize your work in paragraphs. New ideas get a new paragraph. Don’t give me one long list of words. Make an argument and defend it; start a new paragraph when you make another point, giving an example.
1. President-elect Biden will begin his administration in early January. You went to public policy graduate school with Harris’ best friend’s son, and you expect that you’ll get an interview for the position of Undersecretary of Industry and Security at the Department of Commerce. You are an enthusiastic and committed Realist/Mercantilist. Please draft a memo to Vice President-elect Harris explaining the ways that tariffs can be useful policy tools for a US government. Make sure to explain the concepts you use, as Harris is not well versed in global political economy issues. Please use half-page 2 Paragraphs) PLEASE READ PAGES 73-78 TO UNDERSTAND REALISM AND ITS PERSPECTIVE FROM THE BOOK)
2. Do IGOs threaten state sovereignty, or not?  Be sure to define your terms. Regardless of the position you take, please provide at least one example in which state sovereignty has not been undermined by the actions of these international organizations and one example where it has.  (3 Paragraphs) PLEASE USE PAGES 353-362 TO HELP ANSWER QUESTION
3. How does a Marxist respond to global environmental agreements- The Framework Conventions of on Climate Change like Kyoto Agreement or the Paris Accord? Do you find the Marxist views compelling? Why or why not? Do you think a Constructivist interpretation is more insightful? Again, explain your position. (3 paragraphs) PLEASE READ PAGES THAT TALKS ABOUT MARXIST PERSPECTIVE & CONSTRUCTIVE PERSPECTIVE, UNDERSTAND BOTH PERSPECTIVE BEFORE ANSWERING QUESTIONS
4. Immediately after graduating from Georgia State, you return to your home country in Bolivia and find yourself appointed as executive assistant to that country’s Secretary of Commerce. She is confused by a journal article in World Development that refers to the “North-South divide over international development”. She asks you to write a memo explaining these potential conflicts. She asks you to weigh in whether these issues can be resolved since you attended a US college. At some point in the essay, it is only fair that you tell her the perspectives that may be reflected in this argument. ( 2 paragraphs) PLEASE USE THE ATTACHMENTS TO HELP ANSWER THIS QUESTION
5. Is the international system increasingly embracing the human rights regime?  Write an essay with examples to demonstrate your position. Make sure to define what is the human rights regime. (2 paragraphs)
6. Write a second (brief) essay that argues the opposite from your position above. Use examples! (1 paragraph)
7. What was the most surprising thing you learned in this class? Try to take this question seriously and reflect on some aspect of international politics that you didn’t know before August 2020. (1.5 Paragraph)
Please make sure that each response is in paragraph form
Please do not use any outside sources. ONLY USED THE ATTACHED BOOK.
NAME OF BOOK: Karen A. Mingst, Heather Elko McKibben, and Ivan M. Arreguin-Toft, Essentials of International Relations, 8th editioiqun, W. W. Norton, 2019.

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