compare and contrast of Henry Longfellow “the slave singing at midnight” and Phillis Wheatley “On being brought from africa to america”

Focus your paper on a specific topic linking the poems (setting, theme, writing style, imagery, symbolism etc.)
rather than trying to cover everything; it is better to say a lot about a little than a little about a lot. You must
include at least two quotations from each poem. I do not require a Works Cited page since we are all using the
same texts, but I do expect you to use proper MLA style for integrating quotations into your essay and for the
overall format of your paper.You should begin your essay by trying to engage your reader’s interest in the topic
you selected (marriage, evil, faith, humor, grief, bells, love etc.) and then link that subject to the two poems. You
should end your first paragraph with a strong, specific thesis indicating your essay’s overall purpose.

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