Details of the arrangement Harvey Talbot currently use to procure their coffee are detailed in the scenario, along with relevant quantity and purchase price data.

OPM Final Assignment Guidance

Operational and Project Management Coursework Report Final Assignment Guidance 01 Snowham International Airport These notes are provided to assist the student complete the final assignment successfully. Please ensure that you have read the assignment instructions and scenario very carefully. Submission Deadline: 14:00 hours Friday 18 December 2020

You work for a management consultancy business. Your company’s sales director has been speaking to a number of organisations involved with the operation of Snowham Airport and each organisation has “problems” that provide business opportunities for the consultancy. The sales director has compiled information about each potential client for you to use and analyse and make recommendations about how each prospect might proceed to resolve the problems identified. There are 9 potential assignments and thus, 9 potential problems to solve. The interim submission that you made on 6 November required you to make proposals for the first 3 problems only. This final assignment requires you to complete the remaining 6.

Task 4 Harvey Talbot Coffee Procurement Details of the arrangement Harvey Talbot currently use to procure their coffee are detailed in the scenario, along with relevant quantity and purchase price data. The Finance Director thinks that the company could improve the ways in which they buy coffee and reduce costs too.

You need to: < Analyse all the data and work out the Economic Order Quantity for coffee supplies

< Calculate the annual cost of coffee using the EOQ purchase model

< Work out the alternate costs of the bulk buying option

< Make recommendations as to what strategy Harvey Talbot should adopt and add commentary on the flexible buying approach Module content in week 7 OPM

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Task 5 Juicemasters Outlet This is a flexible challenge requiring you to apply lateral and creative thinking around operational management that, at first thought, may be unexpected.

The task requires you to consider the operational needs of an outlet and the customer ‘journey’ as they patronise the juice bar. Consideration of such matters from an operational perspective will enable you to provide effective brief to interior design and fit-out suppliers working for you. You are provided with a plan of the outlet.

You need to: < Consider the problem carefully including such topics as were covered in the week 8 presentations including: Customer journey, furniture, circulation space, queuing < Prepare a space plan / layout for the juice bar showing the proposed locations of equipment, counters and furniture < Define job roles (person specifications for key job roles and how any of these roles might change from shift to shift Module content in weeks 3 and 8

Task 6 Staff Planning – Turista Call Centre The task description provides details of the operational hours of the call centre, the numbers of staff and working hours. You are also given details of call volumes and the likely productivity of permanent and temporary staff resources and an alternative proposal for a call handling IT system that will improve productivity.

You need to: < Examine all the data including call volumes and staff productivity < Determine / calculate the resources needed to meet demand and the numbers of permanent and/or temporary staff needed to cope with call volumes / demand < Determine the annual budget for temporary staff < Evaluate the suggested IT call handling system and any cost savings that might be made < Make recommendations as to how the company should proceed

Task 7 Sycamore Security Systems Sycamore Security do not seem to utilise their resources as productively as they might. The scenario provides details about the way in which the company delivers jobs, the time taken for a job to be undertaken by each department, the number of staff and some date about costs. You need to: < Examine all the data and calculate production capacity to each department and the company as a whole < Identify where bottleneck(s) may be < Calculate the gross profit obtained with the current operational processes < Assess what staff should be recruited to relieve the bottleneck(s) < Calculate the revised annual profit if the bottleneck is removed Module content in week 6

Task 8 Baggage Handling Problem The scenario provides details of the problems encountered by the baggage handling system. Cost of correcting baggage handling errors are also given There are three separate staff suggestions for ways to improve things. You need to: < Work out the ‘quality cost’ of the current system i.e. the costs incurred in correcting mistakes < Work out the impact / cost change of each of the three staff suggestions < Assess the value of each suggestion and make recommendations as to which solution the airport should adopt No specific module content – apply logic to problem

Task 9 New Fire Engine The airport needs a new fire fighting appliance. Details are provided about the selection criteria to be used to choose a new machine, the weighting to be applied to each criterion and the tender price offered by each supplier. The scenario also provides the ranking of each machine against the selection criteria obtained by testing each vehicle.

You need to: < Analyse all of the data given < Use a weighted scoring system to compare each manufacturer’s machine < Make recommendations as to which machine the airport should buy

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