Recommending Controls for Workplace Hazards

Textbook: Roger L. Brauer/Safety and Health for Engineers, 3rd Edition.
As the Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) professional for a manufacturing company, you have been asked
to conduct a risk assessment of potential issues within your facility. Specifically, you have been asked to identify
whether these issues present a hazard by conducting a risk assessment using the quantitative risk assessment
form, which you can access in the attached
Once the risk assessments have been identified, your assignment is to provide control measures based on the
hierarchy of controls identified. Each of the scenarios below has been identified as potential issues.
Review each of the potential hazards identified in the scenarios and provide a technical report of your findings
and recommendations.
The project should be a technical report with a minimum of three pages detailing your findings and
The project should be written in full (7th Edition APA format) and include the elements listed below.
1. Perform a quantitative risk assessment before and after the recommended controls. (You may include these as
appendices in the technical report, but the findings should be discussed in the body of the report.)
2. Include a priority ranking of controls based on the risk assessment findings.
3. Explain the control measures for each of the identified hazards and explain why you chose those specific
control measures.

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