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Outline for Tattoo Age Limit Essay
a. (Hook- you’ve already chosen your hook) What happens when the ‘fad’ of having tattoos goes away and a whole generation is left with a permanent reminder of their youth?
2. History – Tattoos have long been around, starting in Biblical times – Egypt used tattoos to differentiate between slaves and rulers; Africa used/ uses tattoos to denote tribe; Hitler had the Jews marked with tattoos. Tattoos have long been both a decoration and a class marker.
3. Position Statement:Receiving a tattoo, for ages 18 and younger, should be against the law.
Arguments (position taken).
1. Tattoos are permanent. Not only can they not be removed once a person decides the tattoo was a bad idea, but also tattoos often change in appearance after a number of years go by. Even if a tattoo is removed, a scar remains. Certain colors are more difficult to remove than others. Evidence “Despite advances in laser technology, removing a tattoo is a painstaking process, usually involving several treatments and considerable expense. Complete removal without scarring may be impossible.” Tattoos What You Need to Know. MedicineNet.com
2. Tattoos are fad. They indicate immaturity and a certain ‘following the crowd’ type of mentality. Evidence A 10th-grader at Plainview (Minn.) High School, she’s 16 now and regrets her moment of succumbing to peer pressure at age 15. “The day after I got it, I remember waking up in the morning and being really sad that I had it. You would think that you could give a 15-year-old a little freedom, especially a student ambassador. But I guess not. I had an hour without supervision and look what I did with it.” USA WEEKEND Magazine
3. Tattoos can skew public opinion negatively. Certain employers require tattooed employees to wear long sleeve shirts. At one time only criminals and military men had tattoos. Evidence “The prevalence of visible tattoos, body piercings and other forms of body modification have caused some companies to adopt policies that either prohibit or place restrictions on visible tattoos, body piercings and other body art. The stated rationale behind such policies is often a desire to have employees maintain a professional and business-like appearance.” “Tattoos & Body Piercing: Avoiding Employment Discrimination Claims” New Hampshire Business Review. October 2004. Andrea K. Johnstone and Laurel A Van Buskirk.
— Add transitional paragraph that leave position arguments and introduces counter argument.
Arguments (other side’s positions).
1. The medicine of removing a tattoo is advancing every day. By the time today’s youth reach an age where they want the tattoo removed, it will be easily removed. Evidence * Still Researching
2. Tattoos are a decoration; they are an art; they are an expression of individuality. Evidence “Tattooing is speech and protected by the First Amendment. Tattooing is an art form. The First Amendment prohibits the government from restricting the freedom of speech. Art is a form of speech.” “Supreme Court Passes up Tattoo Case” Center for First Amendment Rights. Inc. Gina Holland (Oct. 7, 2002)
3. The Bible says “Judge not, less you be judged.” *Find Scripture While the early bearers of tattoos did exemplify a certain type of individual, today tattoos are had by the masses. There is an English professor on campus with a tattoo. *Interview? Doctors have tattoos. *Interview? And in many cases, these tattoos are in plain sight. The more we see tattoos, the more we get used to them.
Best Argument (why my side is better).
1. Receiving a tattoo can be dangerous. Certain diseases can be spread from the needle to the individual. Also, many young people do not go to licensed tattoo artists. It is not worth the risk. Evidence Michael Machetti, a California tattooed biker seeking to have a very-vulgar neck tattoo re-tattooed-covered up with the number “666” has filed legal action against Bull’s Eye Tattoo Studio for infecting him with a “flesh-eating virus” during the tattoo procedure. Machetti claims the tattooist utilized unsanitary equipment that consequently infected him with the virus. Machetti has required several serious medical operations on his neck and both arms to remove huge portions of eaten skin. According to Ron Bakal, Machetti’s lawyer, his client’s medical bills are currently over $580,000.” “Tattoos Deadly Little Secrets” Dial-the-Truth Ministries. Terry Watkins.
1. (Restate Argument) Because the 18 and younger crowd are still very much impressionable and rash, it is better they wait before making a decision that has such permanence.
2. (Rebuff) Tattoos are more easily removed today; however, removing tattoos increases the chances of skin cancer and more.
3. (Call to Action) Arizona needs to follow Virginia’s and Montana’s lead and prohibit those 17 (Maybe I’m changing my mind) and under from getting tattoos. Evidence “Already, 22 states either prohibit tattooing or body piercing of minors or require special permission, with new laws this spring in Virginia and Montana. In Oklahoma, tattooing is prohibited, period. At press time, bills to limit tattooing or piercing were pending in Arizona, California, New Jersey, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, New York and Texas.”iqu USA WEEKEND Magazine.

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