Contrast between lease and licence.

Instructions: Prepare a recorded presentation following the guidance below.
Word Limit: N/A – Presentation assessment. Max 11 slides plus word documents for 10 min explanation to power point presentation
Submission Date: This assessment must be submitted via Please record yourself giving the presentation and then upload your submission, with accompanying documents, to Canvas.
Referencing: Work must be properly reference and MUST use the OSCOLA system and include a bibliography.
In the study of Land Law, there are a range of relationships to consider, especially when advising parties in a dispute pertaining to ‘real property’.
With this in mind, choose from one of the following sets of parties:
– Landlord and Tenant This area focus on :
My title for presentation is :
Contrast between lease and licence.
With this relationship dynamic in mind, you should present and upload a 10-minute individual recorded presentation that performs the following functions:
• Shows an understanding of an area or areas of tension within the relationship
• Relates to the module content and coverage of the area(s)
• Evidences further topical and relevant research into the area(s)
• Shows an engagement with land law principles and/or practice
Please also prepare and upload to Canvas the following documents:
(i) An OSCOLA Bibliography of all sources used, complying with OSCOLA referencing;
(ii) An Annotated Bibliography, in which you select three of your sources and provide annotations for these, to explain your rationale for using these sources and an evaluation of each; and
(iii) PowerPoint slides, if used, with two slides to a page.

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