Strategic Management – Capstone

Now that the simulation is completed, I would like for you to reflect on your experience and what you learned. Give me as many examples as possible when you answer the questions – this way I can better understand your perspective and thoughts. Please use your judgement regarding the length of your response; given the amount time you spent on the simulation, I would think that you should be able to write at least one page total (300-500 words).
1) What insights did you gain about the various functional areas (HR, Marketing, Finance, Production, Sales, etc.) and their contributions to the success of a firm?
2) What did you learn about competition as you and your team made decisions?
3) What did you learn about teamwork and the division of work from your experience?
4) What did you learn about strategy and strategic changes?
5) What parts of the simulation experience was easiest for you? What parts were the most challenging? Explain

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