Strategic and Competitive Analysis of Urgent Car Facilities in Polk County, Florida

project purpose/goals, activities that will be undertaken to achieve goals, protocols (e.g., communication process with the client), timelines and deliverables.
*First: Successful consulting endeavors, of course, entail providing meaningful and effective deliverables to the client, but in order to do so, achieving milestones throughout the project timeline is imperative.
***Do this first then send, please and send for review**
-Provide a table/matrix which identifies the duties and responsibilities of each team member and suggested deadlines. Duties and responsibilities should be as specific as possible. Progress thus far should be noted.
Just need the table and jobs to complete this task, I will fill in the individual’s names and such
-Identify competitors in Polk County Florida
-Within the Urgent care industry
-Other healthcare providers (telehealth, ER, PCP)
Then do this:
-Perform a competitive analysis of Urgent Care ventures compared to other Urgent Care facilities in Polk County, Florida as well as other Urgent Care substitutes (such as ER, PCP, Minute Clinics, Telemed, etc.).
This competitive analysis will be based on the universal healthcare provider benchmarks, as well as those most pertinent to Urgent Care.
-The written report is the most important component of your consulting project as it represents the final recommendations of the group to the client. Each report should contain an
*executive summary describing the key recommendations.
*The main body of the report will describe the recommendations in detail and be heavily data-driven. The final written report will be given to the client at the conclusion of the project.
The analysis should be of original thought and represent a synthesis of the various research the group has conducted.
All external sources should be properly cited and noted in a reference section in APA format.
Paper as a whole is not to be an APA research paper format but a consulting format
use urgent care notes to answer the questions and benchmark information attached
may have to send additional information as needed

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