The internationalisation strategy of Rolls Royce Holdings in entering the USA market”

The title is: “The internationalisation strategy of Rolls Royce Holdings in entering the USA market”
This should be an essay that critically analyses the internationalisation strategy of Rolls Royce Holdings plc in
the USA market using academic literature. There should be a primary focus on the Dunnings OLI and Uppsala
theories but also other internationalisation literature that critically assesses the models. There should only be
focus on Roll’s Royce’s commercial engines and aerospace division. The essay should focus on using Rolls
Royce as a case study to illustrate the arguments around the internationalisation process and academic theories
developed to understand them. It should engage critically with international business academic literature on
internationalisation and also critically analyse rolls royce as a company using the literature and the models.
The essay is assessed on this criteria:
The extent to which the essay covers the points above. It should avoid focusing on data and description, but
instead using academic literature critically.
The quality and range of resources used to analyse the company and its internationalisation strategies.
The quality of the analysis undertaken and the use of that analysis to produce reasoned and justified evaluations.
Structure, quality and clarity of presentation: logic of essay structure, quality and clarity of written English,
adherence to correct labelling and referencing procedure, general neatness of presentation

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