The Impact of Motivational Interviewing on Medication Compliance

INTRODUCTION & SEARCH HISTORY: Use your feedback from your Week 5 assignment for any
improvements that need to be made here. Total points awarded. Be sure to add the missing sections in your Final
TITLE: Well done, great title for you paper. This is very important to draw your reader in. Very nicely done, NO
changes needed here.
THEMES: I would encourage a transition from your Search History to this very important part of your paper in
this section. You start talking about your themes and it is difficult to follow your paper here. Your PICO would
be a good transition for your themes. In your themes section you should choose key points within each theme
that overlap in multiple articles. You are summarizing instead of synthesizing literature frequently throughout all
your themes. The focus is drawing your own conclusions and supporting those with the literature.
Theme 1: I think your first theme is a good choice but you need to work on the how you construct this section.
Way too much article summary here and difficult to identify key points. Your first paragraph is one long run on
paragraph, there is at least two paragraphs there.. Good support and synthesis of the literature. Theme 2: You did
a wonderful job with supporting this theme. Great use of research to support key points of theme and you did
more synthesizing than summarizing here…well done NO changes needed. Theme 3 is great choice but this
theme has more summarizing again than synthesizing. Work on identify your key points or conclusion from your
synthesis of the literature and then let the literature support those great ideas.
CRITIQUE: This section needs work. The focus is to critique the evidence…this is a synthesis section of your
paper also. You need to look at some of the key areas from your group critiques and all your matrix critiques to
look for similarities and differences. Compare and contrast your findings it was difficult to follow what areas
that you were critiquing.
GAPS: You did a wonderful job in this section There are two questions that need to be explored here. NO
changes needed here.
COMPARISON to PRACTICE: There are three questions that need to be fully explored in your comparison to
practice. Good start here but you need to fully develop each question into it’s own paragraph. This section also
needs more development especially in implications for future research.
CONCLUSION: Your conclusion needs to speak to the key points to your paper…your themes. It should WOW
your audience…you need to speak more to implications for future practice but a good start.
USE OF RESEARCH and WRITING: Great use of references, Great use of APA format on your citations and
references. Your paper flows from section to section in most areas. There are some areas are a bit fragmented
because your paragraphs are run on paragraphs

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