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The Annotated Research Bibliography
Your final major out-of-class assignment of the semester is an (annotated) research bibliography based on the research that you conducted for your second formal essay. (This assignment is worth 5% of your final course grade.)
(Essential) Assignment Requirements
The (annotated) research bibliography should provide an individual entry for each and every individual work that you took notes on/from during the second stage of focused research.
This means not only that 1) all of the works that you cited in your essay will/should be included, but that 2) the bibliography may/should also include additional works that you did not ultimately cite in your essay. The number of entries depends upon—and will reflect—the amount, the breadth, and the depth of the research that you conducted for the paper. The more substantial the amount of research, the greater the number of sources and, therefore, entries….
Each individual entry should consist in the following:
1. A complete reference entry, properly formatted according to the conventions of either MLA (Eighth Edition) or APA (Sixth Edition), depending upon which style is appropriate for your research (i.e., the style used for your second essay)
2. A substantial annotation (consisting in one or two medium-length paragraphs) that includes both of the following.
a. A brief synopsis of the source—i.e., a concise and broad summary overview of the content of the work, emphasizing the focus and the thesis
b. A brief critical evaluation of the source that provides
i. an assessment of the work’s authority, credibility, and reliability; and
ii. a discussion of the significance/value of the work within the area/field of your research (not the value for your particular project/essay specifically).
Annotations should take the form of coherent and cohesive (un-indented) paragraphs consisting in complete grammatical sentences. They should be written in a readable and mature style that adheres to the conventions of standard American English with a minimum of grammatical, mechanical, or other errors.
The bibliography should be formatted according to the specifications/guidelines outlined in the course syllabus with the following exceptions:
❖ The bibliography should bear the same main title as your second essay with the subtitle “Annotated Research Bibliography”—e.g., If your second essay was titled “Black Blood / Red Ink,” then your bibliography will be titled “Black Blood / Red Ink: Annotated Research Bibliography.”
❖ Entries should be alphabetized and double-spaced (as in a list of works cited)
❖ Annotations should begin on the line following the reference entry.
❖ Individual entries should be separated by a skipped line.
Note: Sample partial bibliographies—one for MLA and one for APA—are attached to the assignment on Blackboard for your reference.

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