In what way does the colour influence the consumer attitude and decision-making process in the fashion industry?

An Undergraduate Dissertation. The research method would be quantitative, most probably a Control Group.
The Literature Review needs to be focused more on the psychology of colour (What effect will colours have
exactly? Will some colours be more effective than others in affecting purchase intentions? )
Notes from my supervisor:
• I need peered reviewed journals
• More specific than attitudes and behaviour
• What other people did to measure it, how they define the impact – defining it in the context I am going to write
• Think about colour in what context is being analysed (brightness, depth) in what way the colour is impacting
• Quantitative – perceptual (cause and effect)
• Building hypothesis, based on existing literature
What I am doing differently, essentially discuss what I am adding to the conversation?
Discuss all the literature on that topic, what theories I am using, what is good/bad, what is studied thoroughly,
what are the counter opinions (debates), maybe several hypotheses, psychological experiment or consumer
behaviour debates (colours more impactful than no colours, in order to compare, we need a control group), the
theories, which one I will be analysing, influence the methods, have a look what people have done and if I need
to add and combine anything, bring something to the table (contribution) what the literature is writing about,
particularly in the history of that topic. Modern age articles, dimensions that I am looking- is the impact positive
or negative, what colours impact, more, less, positively or negatively, why does the lit say that
Justify why I am doing my study;
Analyse what everyone said in their literature – good, bad, or incomplete, explain why I am using this literature;
Journal articles from the past 5 years.
1) Are colours impactful?
2) How are they impactful?
3) Define impact, what other studies are doing, read the theories that I am most interested in, used by people that
I am citing
4) How I am going to manipulate the colours (theoretical, method)

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