Child Asthma education program evaluation for public health

The deliverable for Topic 8 will focus on describing a current child asthma education program, developing the
evaluation questions, and determining the methods you will use to evaluate the program. At this time, you will
also submit a program evaluation timetable and logic model (as appendices). The deliverable should be between
1,000 and 1,250 words, not including the timetable and logic model, and will include the following parts
(components) of your project: V. Program Description
a. Describe the program you are evaluating.
b. What are the program objectives?
c. What are the evaluation objectives?
VI. Evaluation Questions
a. What questions are you answering by conducting this study?
VII. Evaluation Methods
a. What study design will you use for the program evaluation?b. Who is your intended sample?
c. What measures will you use?
XI. Appendix A: Timetable and Work Plan What is the project timeline? XII.
Appendix B: Logic Model

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