Reflection Paper Rewrite

Reflection paper
Life, Sex and Death REL 205 was nothing like I expected, granted I really didn’t know what I would learn given that title, and because of that I am glad to have taken this class. Gigantic amount of reading but it was over topics that was very controversial to the point where even the little things can start a debate. Even though we didn’t go in order of the title, we started the class learning about Death, then Life and ending it with Sex. After doing the readings, we had to post a question we had about what we just read. From their we come to class to talk about what we read, and Ms. Pasha explains to us a deeper meaning about the texts/ answering any questions. Over all during the time of COVID, it went amazing, I would like to come to class and talk to people however because of technology it made it possible. Im going to explain one article that we read and questions I had in each topic starting with Death, Life and finally Sex.
Reading this gave me chills of excitement and frustration, Robert Hertz stated in A Contribution to the Study of the Collective Representation of Death that “It is impossible to interpret the body of facts that we have presented if we see in death a merely physical event.” This reminded me of Bart Jansen, he is best known for turning his dead cat Orville into a drone and his response to this was “once their dead I wanted to make non flying creature fly, to give them purpose” The soul of other people stays in our hearts forever even though they’re not physically their so why cry and wear all black at a funeral? Why not celebrate that whoever died doesn’t have to deal with Earth anymore and there are at a better place? Throw a big feast like the Indonesians. Once someone is dead, they have no need of the body, so if we eat other dead mammals what made cannibalism so bad? During COVID-19 how has the jobs that deals with dead bodies such as the Funeral Service, Gravediggers or even Embalmer doing? How do you NOT want your body to be handled?
While reading Sacred Inception by Marianne Delaporte and Morag Martin Although, I’ve came across a running theme throughout it all and it was that “these methods all differ somewhat, they share the view that childbirth does not need to be painful” While we can all agree on this, my question is, do women have a saying on how they want to give birth? Are all forms different types of Vaginal and C-Section being available for the woman to pick? If you’re giving birth, you’re keeping the baby, so why not have a delivery that is safe for both of you? Where is the husband in all this? How can Men/husband be helpful during a time he knows nothing about to a child that is his too right? Especially after COVID, Would you be surprised to see more in home doctor visit like they used to in the past until they “fully” clean the hospital?
The more I read Queer Sects in Patristic Commentaries on Romans 1:26–27: Goddess Cults, Free Will, and “Sex Contrary to Nature”? by Jeramy Townsley about different religion and rituals that people do, the more I realize that in a world of 7.6 billion people we can find different walks of life and overall we need to be accepting to everyone. Easer said then done, he even stated that “Queer theory/theology itself challenges these binary notions of gender and sexuality, encouraging us to open our reading of ancient texts to alien kinds of persons to whom we are unaccustomed, and are typically excluded, into a better understanding of the texts, ourselves, and the divinity” my question is, why is it so hard to be open and accepting to others? Each religion/God has a good side to love everyone, so why make categories that just separates us?
Just by this I can say I still have questions about what I read over this sumester but that is fine because that means Im going to learn. Im the type of person who doesn’t leave questions unanswered so as rough as reading paper after paper after paper, it shows that I know nothing about this world and that’s fine because im still young. Thank you again

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