Mission: the app mission is to let users choose their preferences about products and services so they can be provided with customize subject.

Strategic Plan
Mission: the app mission is to let users choose their preferences about products and services so they can be provided with customize subject. It is also used to create a database of our customers and track their commitment in order to offer them support and updates. Also, the aim of our app it is an easy way for customers, with a simple registering, to access and check their broadband usage, to view and pay bills and get help when need it (Palma, R., 2019).
However, if mission focus on present and what company realise on day to day, vision focus on future and what company need to do to accomplish their goals.
Vision: Our vision is to grow as a dominant leader app developer and became a major broadband provider in the competitive market. Also, having in mind high quality service, our app was implemented to provide an innovative idea of accessible usage perfect valued for our clients. However, our biggest concept is that through the app, our business became a profitable organisation that offer high quality services and find solution if needed and also meet and exceed expectation of our customers (Abhinary, C., 2020).
Strategic Position
From strategic position, because our company is in process of developing, best approach for using Porter’s strategy is cost leadership.
Cost leadership: Our app, use internet technology to keep active communication between busines and stakeholders. However, to gain sustainability in front of the competitors, our business must develop advantage strategies (Riley, J., 2018).
By using cost leadership means that the company must keep a low cost for our products. This strategy usually could be maintained by reducing the business amount of production. And, by introducing Netsurf app, our company manage to involve customers in the process of cost leadership strategy and instead of cutting cost from production, we reduce expenditure from transactions. Today, with the help of internet technology our company manage to reduce expenses associated with products advertising and processing orders and even generate savings by reducing shops and staff, encouraging customers to choose and pay online for their products or services (Bocij, P., Greasley, A., and Hickie, S., 2019).
However, using this strategy for our app, is not only beneficial, but also could create risks of lower price than our competitors. Another risk could be associated with the fact that not being a very big company that just developed an internet app, means that using cost leadership may limit our company to obtain maximum efficiency. The reason for that is shortage in capital for equipment purchases or low cost for staff training. All these could create an increase in spending and even put the company in financial difficulties (Lister, J., 2020).
Other risk that could occur by applying this strategy to our new app is that once with the growing and expansion of our business, according to this strategy, maintaining low costs could make our capital became insufficient. And using this method it is a good approach for our company in process of developing. However, once the business grows, it could be replaced with other strategy more adequate.
Strategic Objectives
Cost leadership strategy is usually used for products purchased of majority of people. And, for achieving leadership of costs and make profit, along with discounts of some product made time to time, to maximise sale, through the app, our business must also focus on efficiency of all departments:
Production- negotiate low price for the input products and raw materials
Manufacturing- it could help achieve cost leadership by purchasing the materials need it, straight from the producer and eliminate third-party.
Sale- increase production by acquisition of large amounts of products instead of the exact amount need it.
Customer service- for achieving a great customer service, along with offers of products, our business needs to focus on a customize product or service and adjust all departments for the need of that individual (Indeed Career Guide, 2020).
Along with focusing on measurement of all departments of our business, implement new technology can also help lower the costs. And by patenting a new app, security it’s achieved against other business for not using it in their own benefits.
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