Indian Gaming and Environmental Impacts

For my project I would like to study and analyze California Indian Gaming establishments and understand the
cultural and economic impacts on the tribes and reservations that are associated with these businesses. In
addition, I want to analyze the physical changes within the lands and reservations, as well as the changes within
the Native American Populations. This can be determined with how connected the tribes and people are to each
establishment, who works there, and who benefits from the profits and business. Comparisons can be made with
reservations that have not adapted to the Casino/Gambling industry.
There are Indian Gaming Casinos and Resorts across many states in the US and I hope to present a thorough
analysis and background of these locations and the people involved. I will also make a policy analysis when it
comes to the legislation and environmental studies made prior to the construction of these large properties.
Focus on the evironmental history and impacts over time for the reservations due to the Casinos and property

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